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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 7. April 20th, 1950

Hands Across the Sea

Hands Across the Sea

O'Brien then delivered a report on the Exec's negotiations with Senate and Government for safeguarding student interests under the Conscription Act. Students, as a result, will obtain indefinite postponement of training on application. Thanks to Kevin for valuable work.

OU's McCoy reported on the Australian Union of Students' Conference in January. Australian students were anxious to rejoin IUS and not to split the world student movement. He recommended NZUSA to cement relations with IUS and its affiliates on a friendly rank-and-file level. Aussie vacation exchange scheme was commended, and the Debating Tour caused some harsh words.

The International Union of Students gave birth to some sad demonstrations. VUC criticised the sending of delegates to splinter conferences at Leiden and London when no one was sent to IUS Council meeting in Sofia. We also moved that NZUSA send to the next IUS meeting a delegate who was returning to the country and could report adequately. This was not assented to. CUC at first opposed sending anyone. Mills: "It's like sending delegates year after year to the Congo to see if the negroes are still black." Finally Bruce Miller was appointed.

McCoy brought up the question of the IUS drama and music troupe who are to visit Australia. "Let's get to know these people." NZUSA agreed to invite them over to New Zealand. McCoy also mentioned Ken Tolburst, formerly Australasian rep on IUS Exec. It was agreed to ask IUS to send him on a N.Z. tour to discuss IUS with NZ. students.

The President undertook that NZUSA was not going ahead with any plans to form an international organisation outside IUS. "We will co-operate with IUS if it is at all possible."

Only concrete step arising from an ISS delegation to the Conference was the sending of a NZUSA delegate to ISS conference in Calcutta. Many delegates were critical of the work and attitude of ISS, but agreed to co-operate with it where possible.