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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 13, No. 6. April 13, 1950

Think again, hooligan!

Think again, hooligan!


The standard of conduct at VUC dances has tended to improve in the last couple of years. In fact the college authorities have at present no complaints about the state of the college grounds during such functions.

However, a small minority has lately tended to act irresponsibly in adjacent property: fittings such as croquet hoops have been removed from Kelburn Park, beer bottles have been left around—usually broken into small pieces. The carefully kept turf has been cut about by this glass, and by people knocking it about generally.

Now there are three or four objections to this. In the first place it deliberately increases the work of the greenkeepers who have as much right to respect for their labour as anyone else. In fact, such hooliganism comes ill from the college, many of whose members have so often and so publicly proclaimed their support for the ordinary citizen or member of the working class as they are pleased to call him.

Secondly it damages the good name of the college. In the third place, it indicates that there are personal deficiencies in the willpower and character of the perpetrators. A university should lead them rather to self control in their own interests and the interests of society. Lastly, this sort of conduct (looked at from a selfish point of view) endangers our relations with our neighbours and the Park Con. trollers, the City Council. It is not suggested that the Council be slavishly adulated and appeased on all occasions, but such foolish actions, having no claim to a basis of principle are cause for unnecessary inconvenience.

Therefore for these reasons, an appeal is made to those responsible to act in a more adult and responsible way in future. It would be unfortunate if the Police were called in by the Park authorities to control the matter, so students are asked to behave more sensibly if they have been responsible, and to attempt to reason with others who may not heed the printed word.

K. B. O'Brien.