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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol.12., No. 11. 29th September 1949

Something New?

page 4

Something New?

Several new or resurrected sports are now on the market—two of which are Toxophily (Archery to you) and Tree Climbing—the latter being very popular among a body of students at a French University. Both are sports, we are told, that are extremely enjoyable, giving strength and co-ordination, two necessary attributes to the person who wishes to fully enjoy life.

Now, why do we bring this up? Because we are of the considered opinion that Universities should be to the fore in new fields of physical, as well as of mental, activity. "But those are children's games," you may say. Yes, they are: but they are also a man's, and for that matter a woman's, game. Try them and to your surprise you'll enjoy them unless you're put off by your complete inability to succeed in a pastime that looks so easy.

On reading the "Summer" Club notes one is struck by the optimistic tone and the excellent facilities at hand. We urge all students who can to join at least one of these clubs. If you do you'll never regret it.

Finally, a word of heartfelt gratitude to all those who supplied us with sports news through this last year. Without your help the Sports Page would have been non-existent. Thank you.