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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 12, No. 10. September 20th, 1949

Our Allies

Our Allies

Who led the resistance to the Nazi invader in Greece? Australian Colonel Sheppard, M.C., and New Zealand Lieut. John Denvir, D.C.M., who fought there, could answer that question. With the liberation, the democratic resistance elements—members of the guerilla armies and of the underground motley of industrial workers, peasant farmers, liberal professional men and students—were ready to assume the powers of government in a land that had known no sort of democracy since classical days. But what happened? Enter the British troops of General Scobic and Mr. Churchill. The Foreign Office, with its pre-war mind, hud decided that oil came before freedom, and that the life-line of Empire was mora Important than the life-blood of men. 1944-45: the popular elements were expelled from the government, and it was packed with those who had fled the occupation, and those who had been prewar dictator Metaxas' right-hand men. British troops were paid to make the Greek people agree—with machine-guns.

Said John Denvir: "It is a crime that British soldiers who have gone buck to Greece should be ordered to shoot down people who have assist-ed New Zealanders to escape" (The Truth About Greece, 1945), and Colonel Sheppard. "Fifty per cent. of the Foreign Office staff should be locked up for their responsibility in the spilling of Greek Wood" Cat Caxton Hall, 16/6/47). And again, the present Greek government "has all the elements of Fascism" (Auckland. Dec. 1947).