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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 12, No. 3, April 6th, 1949.



1. We show here a ticket which was used until about 7 or 8 years ago in the Caf. If such a ticket were used again, say two different tickets of 5/- and 10/- (and this one had advertising on the back which would just about cover the cost of printing them) the result would be, first an assured turnover—and if there were some slight concession on these cards, maybe even an increase in turnover: second, that the time taken at present to give change would be cut. It might not be much, since the longest job is dishing out, but it should speed the queue along a little. It would be worth trying.

2. It should be possible for people who have only 10 minutes between lectures at four and five to by-pass the queue: they haven't a show of getting their meal as things are unless they don't have to stand in the line. We talked this one over with the Controller, and there is a distinct hope that this can be done.

3. Lists have been up around the college asking for support for an appeal for morning tea service. This is a worthy cause, hut there won't be enough staff to do it unless some of the people who put their names down will give a hand with the washing up and so on. Otherwise there isn't any reason why it shouldn't work-it used to.

4. The staff problem might he helped if students who could put in an hour or so a day were paid for their time. We understand that this is to be discussed at an Exec, meeting. There must be a few types around who would like to supplement their income by working even for a short time every day.