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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 12, No. 3, April 6th, 1949.


The front page of your last issue was marred by a, large three-column banner accusing my Executive, of "Masterly Inactivity" in the matter of this year's Extravaganza. Apart from the mortification this has caused my Executive, it ought to come as a shock to you to know that in making this imputation you have been guilty of an even worse crime, namely, "Masterly Inaccuracy." I have been instructed to enlighten you on this subject. Extravaganza 1949 from the time it was first discussed by the Executive early in the second term of last year presented something of a problem. Since 1949 is Jubilee Year, the obvious thing to do was to have a Jubilee Extrav.

The matter was therefore handed over to the group or ex-students who constituted the Jubilee Celebrations Committee, and who expressed some considerable interest in the idea. Meanwhile much interesting speculation was carried on into the promising possibility of having a college Council Chorus, a Professorial Ballet and so on. At a meeting held on the 5th. July 1948 the Executive received a petition from a group of present students, complaining that because of the Extrav. being prepared by ex-students, "those students who have commenced writing scripts will lose the experience they otherwise might have gained." The petition asked that in order to "maintain a continuity of experience amongst students writers," a number of present students be included in the Jubilee Extrav. Committees. In its usual democratic manner my Executive then appointed seven well-known students to sit with the ex-students on the committee.. On 12th. August 1948 the chairman reported to the Executive "that a sub-committee were working out a scheme for Extravaganza 1949, and were to report back to the combined Committee.