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Salient: An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 12, No. 3, April 6th, 1949.

Every Man Expects that Victoria will do Her Duty

Every Man Expects that Victoria will do Her Duty

Who'll do it this time, is again the question. Athletes are running round in circles (training of course); Tennis players are up to their usual stunts; Rowers scud across the harbour, cricketers chirp gaily, swimmers splash, riflemen shoot the line, basketballers watch the basket; boxers sweat (that excess avoirdupois is so upsetting isn't it?) and why? do I hear some ingenue ask naively? This super-colossal activity to enable Victoria to put on the show of shows, the most magnificent spectacle of all times (and we don't mean the rendezvous) is all directed towards an attempt to gain that priceless and coveted trophy the Tournament Shield—all hail! Other trophies we hope to pick up along the way are the Swimming Shield, Tennis Shield, Haslam Shield and many others but God forbid that we should find ourselves again with that sad, sad object the Wooden Spoon on which our name has appeared all too often.

Apart from the sporting contests there will be an official welcome up here on the Friday, a rendezvous on Saturday, another on Monday and a Ball on Tuesday. Any information required may be obtained from the Information Bureau (in the Exec. Room); the Senior Tournament Delegate is Vance Henderson and (if you have an urge to be really helpful e.g. pouring out tea (contact the Entertainment Controller, Jean Melling.


Although Dave Batten is now at Victoria College we, unfortunately, only have second claim to his representation for Easter Tournament. His inclusion would have added greatly to a more promising Victoria team than we have had for some years. However, CUC, with their prior claim are not likely to relinquish such a fine athlete.

The inter-faculty sports were rather marred by the inclement weather, but in spite of this, several athletes showed promise of greater things at Tournament. In the women's events, Helen Burr, who lost the national high jump title on the count-back in spite of her excellent 4ft. 11 in. jump, should have little difficulty in winning this event at Tournament. The sprints see Barbara Hill and Julie Hunt among the leading contenders for NZU titles at the Basin Reserve over Easter.

This year the men's team is much stronger than that of several years past, a factor which may lead to the Wooden Spoon leaving its familiar place in the VUC trophy case. Names such as Gerry Barnard, Alan Catt, Bernie Clapcott, Fred Duckworth, Clem Hawke, Des Kelly, I. Lissienko, Brian Pohlen, Dick Trevethick need no introduction, and these athletes, in their various events, should bring green and gold into the limelight at Tournament.

Among those not so well known, probably the most promising is Ewen Hislop, a junior who shows great potentialities in a number of events, high jump, hop-step and jump, shot and cross-country, and these with his stature would suggest the Decathelon as his final aim.

The following is the VUC athletic team for the 1949 Tournament:—


  • 100 Yards.—B. H. Clapworth, A. J. Catt.
  • 220 Yards.—B. H. Clapworth, A. J. Catt.
  • 440 Yards.—G. J. Barnard, B. H. Clapworth.
  • 880 Yards.—J. C. Hawke, G. J. Barnard.
  • 1 Mile.—J. C. Hawke, D. Turnbull (Mas.).
  • 3 Miles.—D. Turnbull, R. Ingram (Mas.).
  • 120 Yards Hurdles.—F. W. Duckworth, H. Edgoose (Mas.).
  • 220 Yards Hurdles.—R. Trevethick, H. Edgoose (Mas.).
  • 440 Yards Hurdles.—J. McLevie, F. W, Duckworth.
  • 1 Mile Walk.—B. J. Pohlen, D. Z. Kelly.
  • Discus.—I. Lissienko, R. Jermyn.
  • Shot.—I. Hislop, I. Lissienko
  • Hammer.—I. Lissienko.
  • Javelin.—B. Cameron (Mas.), E. Apperly.
  • Pole Vault.—R. Trevethick, G. J. Barnard.
  • Broad Jump.—J. Connell, G. Drummond.
  • High Jump.—I. Hislop.
  • Hop-step and Jump.—I. Hislop, G. Drummond.
  • 4 x 110 Relay.—B. Clapcott, R. Trevethick, A. Catt, H. Edgoose (Mas.).
  • 4 x 440 Relay.—D. J. Mitchell, G. I. Fox, J. S. Goldfinch, R. Vaughn.


  • 75 Yards.—B. Hill, J. E. Hunt.
  • 100 Yards.—B. Hill, J. E. Hunt.
  • 80 Metre Hurdles.—A. Anderson (Mas.), H. Spencer.
  • Javelin.—D. Wood, S. Geraghty.
  • High Jump.—H. Burr, P. Sleeman.
  • 4 x 110 Relay.—J. Hunt, B. Hunt, D. Wood, A. Anderson.


From the Tennis Club we have these odd notes for Tournament. When these notes came in the team was not definitely selected but the following were likely possibilities.

B. O'Connor, winner of NZU singles in 1938 and 1947; NZU Blue, highly ranks in Wgtn. LTA ladder.

R. Fukins, winner of NZU singles in 1938 and has performed well in NZLTA Tournaments for many years.

H. Davidson and J. Walls, winners of Wgtn. Doubles Champs, in 1947. and NZU winners in 1948.

R. Arbuckle, well-performed ex-junior champion, and W. Pritchard, are amongst other possibilities.

Amongst the women, several members of last year's team are possibilities, including J. Foden and J. Robbins. Avis Reid, who played for VUC in 1946-47, and represented OU it. 1948, is playing for VUC again this year. Newcomers are Val Turner, one of the singles reps., and R. Mazengarb, B. Young and June Scott.

The men's team is very strong and chances of success in these events are very hopeful. On the women's side, while our representatives are not as strong as the men, we are hopeful of some success and know that our players will all do their best.


At the time of Salient's going to press the shooting team had not been finalised, but the following have a chance of making the grade. Tom Howarth, together with a rifle which "must be easily the best in NZ" is the only certainty. An NZU Blue and top-scorer in last year's match at Dunedin. Ian Henderson has been shooting consistently (at a target as well as a line) as also has Vic McKenzie, both representatives of previous years. R. H. Johnson and R. Shepherd (ex C.U.C.) and Catley, of Massey, all very old hands at this horizontal sport, are again back on the scene. Kjestrup and Treadwell have also substantial claims for inclusion. Massey College can also supply several reputable contenders, Vance Henderson is already polishing up his shooting glasses—he hopes later to be "up to his neck in empties" (cartridges of course).

Under the able guidance of their coach, Reginald Corenethaw, who will be putting up the Crook's Ansata this year, the team should at least get half shot.


For Tournament, the Basketball team is as follows:—

Forwards: Mary Cook, Susan Ferguson, Lance Colquohan, Margaret Loftus.

Centres: Audrey Cook, Kath Martin, Shirley Hicks, Rosemary Calendar, Pam Hildreth.

Defence: Alison Richardson, June Scott, Julie Hunt.

Mary Cook, the Club Captain, is a very reliable forward and plays well with Susan, who is an excellent fielder, even if her shooting does go from one extreme to the other. Lance will have a job to make her presence necessary to the other two who have played together so long. However, she has a lot to offer, and gained much experience from her rep. games last year.

The centre will be strong. Audrey ought to play well there this year. In the defence has given her a lot of speed. She has always been one of our strongest players. Shirley Hicks and Kath Martin play well together and we hope Kath will get a Blue this year—last year she played for NZU.

The defence will be sturdy, if not brilliant. It will be. [unclear: Julie's] first tournament, but this should not set her back at all. She is a natural athlete. Alison is a very experienced player. She received a College Blue last year and certainly deserved it. June is off her game this year -playing lousy basketball, but we hope she will settle down soon.


The VUC team will be playing AUC at Auckland on the 9th and 11th April. Our team for this game is: J. H. Murray (capt.), O. J. Creed, J. M. Dobson, K. C. Gajadhar, D. Jamieson, H. M. Lewis, M. McCaw, R. G. O'Connor, B. P. Phillips, S. Spiers, and W. R. Willis. The principal batting strength here lies upon McCaw, Lewis, O'Connor, Spiers and Willis, while the bowling specialists are Murray, Jamieson, Dobson, Phillips, McCaw and Willis.

The Easter final game aginst the winners(?) of the South Island preliminary game will be played on the Saturday and the Monday of Easter on Kelburn Park. Our team will then be strengthened with the inclusion of L. H. Cornish (he scored 167 and 100 not out in Dunedin the other day), P. G. Mullins, our speed merchant and C. A. MacLeod.

The opposition teams may include Hollywood (Auck. Plunket Shield fast bowler). Leggatt (Cant. Plunket Shield batsman), and Otago's principal performer may well be Cameron, who scored 105 against VUC in Dunedin last year.

Following the Tournament games there will be a representative game on Kelburn Park between a NZU XI and Wellington. The NZU team will include R. A. Vance and R. G. Wilde (Wellington), T. F. Geary and Doug Morrison (Otago). the remainder to be selected from the Tournament teams.


A fine spell of good weather at the end of a good season has given the rowing bods a new impetus for the preparation of tournament crews to get well under way. This year there will be a good programme of events as the Tournament Regatta is to be held in conjunction with the inter-provincial regatta on Easter Saturday morning, the following races to be held:—
  • 10a.m.: Inter-Prov. Eights. 21 m.
  • 10.30a.m.: Inter-Varsity Fours, 1 m.
  • 11 a.m.: Inter-Varsity Eights, 2 m.
  • 11.30 a.m.: Inter-Varsity Double Sculls. 1 m.
  • 12 noon: Veterans' Eight Race, [unclear: 1] m.

Our Eights crew will include two or three new members who should bring success to themselves and to the College, particularly Jack McLaurin, who won a Blue rowing for Otago last year, and Dave Horsley, who has recently been rowing for Union, Wanganui.

At the Christchurch Regatta recently, Jack Smith and Brian Hansen were successful rowing in fours, and Don McLcod, sculling with W. Hillock, of the Star Club, narrowly missed a win the Double Sculls.

Who will reach this dizzy height this year?

Who will reach this dizzy height this year?