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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11., No. 9. 28th July 1948

On the Floor

On the Floor

Some people at V.U.C. have found an ideal method of combating the winter cold, and not by the expensive methods of buying woollies, heaters or bottled warmth. The recipe is simple and the mixture interesting. Take one good coach (Not railway, a score or so of enthusiasts, and the required number of foils and masks, Place all these in the Gym twice weekly on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings let them simmer for two or three hours, and the result is V.U.C.'s one [unclear: are] bet at past Winter Tournaments (and we hope, at the forthcoming contest of skills)the Swords [unclear: club] in operation.

At every club meeting, solid ground work—ahem! foil work—is put in at classes and at individual tuition, and the remainder of the time is spent in fighting (it's really very friendly) and in judging and refereeing the bouts. In this way our coach, Mr. Dickson, is ensuring that club members not only become good fencers, but that they learn the finer points of corner-judging, match conduct and the intricacies of this academic and formal, hut nevertheless vigorous and athletic, sport.

Opportunities for practice bouts with outside clubs have been better this year. We have already spent some pleasant, if fiery, evenings with fencers from the Wellington Swords and the Technical College Swords Clubs, and the fighting experience will be invaluable to prospective. Tournament nominees. It's a pity this typewriter has not a key for the crisp salute with which we end our fencing activities.