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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11., No. 9. 28th July 1948

Caf. Crisis

Caf. Crisis

The caf. run by the Students Association for the service of all students can no longer be said to be giving this service. We are presented with a notice on the door informing us that there is no lunch or afternoon tea, and inquiries from the Caf. Controller show there is a possibility of no dinner either. Let us inqure further and so find the causes of this state of affairs. The immediate cause of this was the resignation of three members of the staff who had not been replaced at the time of writing, although the positions have been advertised. On top of this the manageress has resigned. There being no staff—there are no meals. Dinner is still served, thanks to those students who are willing to spend some time helping, but dinner too may have to go and the Caf. close altogether due to lack of student cooperation. That is the present position. What has brought it about? Why these resignations? Certainly people have left before but never has the present position pertained. What are the conditions under which the Caf. staff work? They may not be the best, but they are not bad. They are certainly better than a year ago and this trouble did not arise then. No, we must look further than this. It has been fairly obvious for a long time that the Caf. has not been running efficiently. There appears to have been friction between the staff and the manageress culminating in the resignation of most of the staff, and the manageress, who could not carry on alone.

We hope that this situation can be handled by those in charge, although as yet there is no promise in that direction and that the cafeteria will resume its service to the students speedily and on a more efficient basis.