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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 7. June 23rd, 1948

Brains Trust

Brains Trust

When the Biological Society managed to co-opt Prof. H. D. Gordon, Prof. E. Beaglehole. Mr. Somerset. Mr. Shearer and Mr. Barker (T.C.) they may have expected questions worthy of the intelligence of their Brains Trust. If so they were sadly disappointed—only one of these questions could be considered worth discussing. No doubt such questions as:—

"Do you think the habit of having Brains Trusts is an infantile fixation?"

"What would be the effect of sulphurated hydrogen and other gases on politicians, psychologists and undergraduates?"

give opportunity for adolescent humour. But as questions put to a Brains Trust at a University they were deplorable. Surprisingly, the Trust adapted themselves to the situation and produced answers much on that level.

The other questions:—

"Do you think the marriage of T.C. and University would be a good thing?"

This at least produced the "mot" from Mr. Barker, that since VUC and T.C. had already been cohabitating the marriage was overdue.

"Why are scientists reluctant to debate the question of biological evolution?"

The obvious reply was that there wasn't any evidence to show that scientists were at all reluctant to discuss it on impartial grounds with anyone.

"Do you think that politics should be kept out of University life?"

Somewhat more adult than the previous questions, it produced rather more serious answers. Mr. Shearer pointed out that since prejudice rather than wisdom comes with age the university was an ideal ground for politics. Prof. Beaglehole seemed to think that we students devote too much energy to politics, and that this was rather "boring'" "Recently I have read Salient and it seems to contain nothing but politics."

We are pleased to note that Prof. Beaglehole does at least read Salient.