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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 6. June 3rd, 1948


V.U.C. students must be a selfish lot. As a result of their selfishness, a number of European and Chinese students will die in the next year. This is not idle supposition. A substantial amount of the funds raised in New Zealand for I.S.S. are used for the maintenance of sanatoria. Deaths occur in sanatoria and when there is less food there are more deaths. This year the I.S.S. Committee arranged the work days so that there was as little as possible conflict with other activities. Summer sports were nearly over and winter sports had not begun; Extrav rehearsals had not yet started and exams were still months away. In spite of this, only about 60 students, out of a College of 2300, were prepared to take part in the work for Student Relief.

There is no possibility that any student did not know that the work days were being held, because there was a booth in the hall for nearly a fortnight. Plenty of people looked at the posters, but very few signed up for jobs. The work of the I.S.S. Committee was not made any easier by the refusal of the Professorial Board to allow members of the committee to make direct appeals in lecture rooms before lectures—they were not even asked to give up lecture time.

Even students to whom the fate of their fellows overseas is of no importance have lost something. Over 100 people who asked for students to work for them had to be refused. This will help neither the Building Fund nor the general attitude of the public to V.U.C.

The Dominion target for I.S.S. this year is £3000. V.U.C. has so far raised £84 towards its share of this sum, of which £64 came from the work days. £9/10/- from the Isobel Baillie recital. £5/10/- from the tea dance and £5 from donations. There is still time to redeem the situation. Campaigns will be organized this term and next, and their success requires the support of every student not just 60.