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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 6. June 3rd, 1948

Know Your Allies — Editorial From American Paper

page 7

Know Your Allies

Editorial From American Paper

"Daily Trojan" is the eight-column, five-day-a-week newspaper of the students of Southern California University, Los Angeles. It publishes headline and college news in the better traditions or American journalism, and reflects a passing interest in both international affairs and the college sororities. But Southern California has its Red-scare too: just look what slipped into the editorial column on April 1st—

To aid those who might be confused by the pattern of the postwar world, we are here printing a guide for Americans, that they may know just who their friends are—as of today.

The following then is a kind of Intelligent Readers' Guide to Our Allies in an Era of Expediency, an era which has been praised as promising peace and plenty for all.

Our allies, not always in the order of their great importance, and certainly not in the order of friendliness and love for America and for democracy, are:
1.Rafael Trujillo, el gran presidente of the Dominican Republic, the capital of which has been spontaneously named for him. For more than two decades poor-born Trujillo has maintained an iron-handed "benevolent" despotism over his people. In return, the grateful voters (the peones aren't allowed to vote, of course) have maintained "El Jefe" in a palace and given him several million dollars as a mark of their deep affection.
2.Juan Domingo Peron, president of Argentina, who, with his wife Eva, has endeared himself to all true lovers of democracy. "Juancito" as he is known to his descamisados (shirtless ones), is that genuine democrat who first thrust himself on the people by a palace coup in 1943, then, after knocking out the free press and all other political parties, decided it was safe to make the process legal. Evita is that benighted lover of the poor who hobnobbed with Francisco Franco and gave the Fascist salute from balconies all over Falangist Spain. Peron's idea on the free state is remarkable, chiefly in its similarity to Mussolini's corporative set-up.
3.King Paul and Queen Fredrika of Greece are those enlightened liberty-lovers who command the respect of all of 20 per cent. of the Greek people, but whose claim to "divine right" rule has been upheld by British and American troops under the sturdy doctrine that anything is better than communism. Paul, cold and imperious is apparently unmoved by the sufferings of his people. Fredrika, petit and quite cute, had a bevy of brothers in Hitler's Wehrmacht and was herself an ardent supporter of the new order in Europe.
4.Francisco Franco, "El Caudillo" of the New Spain, who is the intellectual papa of the Idea of Hispandidad, or domination over all Spanish - speaking peoples. Franco, whose ruthlessness in the civil war has been carried over in his civil administration, believes staunchly in the people, to the point of giving them back a monarchial, feudalistic set-up which they don't want in the least, but which is undoubtedly good for them. After all, "Caudillo" knows best.
5.Chiang Kaishek, the noble democrat who gave personal orders for such high-minded social experiments as the executions of the left-wing Kuomintang partisans who had delivered Shanghai to him in 1921. Chiang had them roasted alive in the boilers of locomotives in the main station of the city. Another Chiang move in support of liberty: his personal orders for the quaint murder of little Phyllis Li in 1927. Phyllis' crime: being the daughter of the secretary-general of the Hankow government. The details of the murder: too monstrous to reprint. But, of course, all great national movements must shed a little blood to achieve their goals. And there's Madame Chiang and all her Soong sisters and brothers (except that nasty woman, Madame Sun Yat-sen, who insists that the Chinese people have a right to decide their own form of government), who cry for more money from the United States to support their nation. It wouldn't do for them to pour out their own almost unbelievable wealth into the struggle. After all they obtained it in the fairest and most aboveboard Chinese manner: by financial manipulation and inside deals.

There are others, of course, who might be added to our list, but some of them, like our own "pretty boy," Charles de Gaulle, are just waiting on the sidelines, ready to climb on horseback, and ride into the political scene as soon as we make things ready for them. You all know Chuck—he's the one who wants national corporations for unions and employers, just like jolly old Italy—and everyone knows how successful Italy was.

Just thought you might like to know whose pictures you will see over all the blackboards and on all the war bonds when the fighting starts. For after all, these are our allies and its good to know just what they stand for.