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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 6. June 3rd, 1948

Further Expulsions?

Further Expulsions?

In this case we regard the central issue to be whether the existing provision for the expulsion of students and professors who were collaborationists will be extended to include others who hold a minority opinion but nevertheless have a patriotic record. The members of I.U.S. have been given every opportunity to investigate the charges so far brought and have found no evidence of discrimination of this kind.


1. The Executive Committee of the National Union of Students endorses the conduct, of the I.U.S. Secretariat to date, and in particular commends the actions of its representatives in providing them with Information based on extensive and careful Investigation.

2. The Executive Committee also takes note of the resignation of the American Vice-President, William Ellis, and his deputy, Jim Smith, and expresses its deep regret at these decisions. In the light of the evidence before it the Executive cannot endorse their action which it regards as hasty and which tends to divide the students further at this Juncture.

Considering also the decision to suspend membership taken in Denmark and Sweden, and the interruption of negotiations for affiliation announced temporarily in Norway and Canada, the Executive considers that the proper procedure for student organizations who find themselves in disagreement on any issue with the Secretariat is to co-operate fully with the I.U.S. and its members on all other matters pending the discussion at the Summer Council. The effect of the above decision is to penalize the international student movement and the unity of students in the I.U.S. In this respect the existence of the I.U.S. is more important than a disagreement with one of its Executive bodies, and these organizations should return their confidence in the total membership and in the governing bodies of the International Union.

3. Finally, we cannot recommend a policy of wholesale condemnation of recent events in the Czechoslovak student movement. We ask that the I.U.S. should continue its present policy of individual cases by:
(a)Attending trials of students:
(b)Investigating individual expulsions;
(c)Observing the forthcoming elections from which there should re-emerge a fully representative and democratic national student organization;
(d)Publicizing inside Czechoslovakia that it is prepared to undertake activity of this kind.