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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 6. June 3rd, 1948

Capitalist Parasites

Capitalist Parasites

Another member of the audience inquired, "Are not capitalists also producers?" Since they contribute money to society were they not entitled to a share in the benefits of production? Mrs. Stables was equally Definite in her reply, No! The capitalist made his money out of the labour of others. There could be no capital without labour. Capital was an accumulated appropriation from the workers, and represented the balance between the real value of their labour, and the wages they were paid. Capitalists were thus parasites. Labour was better off without them.

Mr. Bertram, one of the club's vice-presidents, made a very bright contribution to the discussion which was evidently lagging. He started by telling us two jokes of doubtful connection with the subject in hand. He ended by declaring that Socialism was not so much what to aim at, as how-to get there. The old school, the gradualist social democrats, knew where they were going, but had a very small chance of ever getting there. The Communists had a most realistic idea about how to get there—but would it be socialism when they got there?

This provocative remark had its desired effect in stimulating some heated discussion—for about half a minute, when Mr. Brian Bell, obviously almost faint with hunger, introduced a hasty vote of thanks to the speakers, the time being 9.50, and suggested that we repair to the cafe for supper.

We did.