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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 11, No. 4. April 7th, 1948

Caretakers at Controls — New Brooms

page 8

Caretakers at Controls

New Brooms

The meeting commenced at 6.45 and immediately resolved itself into committee (moved O'Brien seconded Langford). The committee reported that it had made progress. "Salient" representatives were admitted at about 8 o'clock.


Mr. Battersby's appointment as leader of NZUSA delegates, to exercise first vote was confirmed, Miss MacKenzie was appointed as NZUSA delegate to exercise second vote and Mr. H. Dowrick was appointed NZ USA Delegate.

The decision of the previous Exec. to support the nomination of Mr. N. R. Taylor for the President of NZ USA was rescinded (Mr. Lovell dissented) and it was moved "That this association support the nomination of Miss J. Bogle for the presidency of NZUSA."

The appointment of Mr. N. R. Taylor's appointment as an observer from the VUCSA was ratified, provided that Mr. Taylor desires to go.

The Exec. rescinded the motion of 2/3/48. recommending that the honorarium of the Secretary NZUSA be not more than £30, and moved that NZUSA be now informed that this Exec. supports the payment of the present honorarium to the secretary. Discussion took place and Mr. C. A. Macleod suggested that the position regarding a fully paid Secretary be investigated. This year the Secretary received £100 which, it was felt, while too much for an honorarium, was not enough to compensate Mr. Campbell for the work he was at present doing.

The replacement of present resident council by travelling representatives was discussed. Messrs. McArley and O'Brien explained the present position, and the unnecessary work entailed. Mr. McArley stated that all remits were open for discussion, but Mr. O'Brien corrected him and said that in actual practice this was not always so. Finally it was moved "That the remit amending section 8 of NZUSA Constitution be ratified, this remit to be regarded as a basis for discussion."


The remit concerning section 20 "Finance" was confirmed as a basis for discussion. This concerns the payment of 6d. by every member of NZUSA for the purpose of IUSA affiliation.

The remit concerning the Joynt Scroll rules was ratified. This remit urges that the word "speaker" be replaced with the word "debater." Mr. O'Brien felt that the matter was of psychological importance.

The following remits were also ratified:
  • re Student News. Mr. McArley expressed the opinion that it would do no harm and would arouse interest. Mr. Lovell thought that the present organ was inadequate. Mr. O'Brien remarked that this was a "hardy annual" at NZUSA conferences.
  • re Student Congress. The congress will be in the V.U.C. area in January, 1949. Mr. O'Brien explained that it would be on the lines of the W.E.A. summer school at Feilding modified to the needs of the University. This led to a brief exchange of wit between Messrs. O'Brien and Lovell.
  • re Winter Tournament. Mr. O'Brien suggested that as Winter Tournament was at present too costly and lasted for over a week, knockout competitions be introduced in some sports. The number of competitions could, he suggested, also be reduced. At present there were two shooting competitions, one at Easter Tournament and one at Winter Tournament. As only one college had a golf club, golf could be eliminated quite well. He remarked that applications for Contract Bridge and Chess Competitions had been rejected in the past.
  • re Attendance at Conference armed with adequate information. Too often. Mr. O'Brien said, delegates arrived at conferences with only their toothbrushes and pyjamas. A waste of time resulted while these delegates had the situation concerning matters under discussion explained to them.


Mr. Mountier was appointed as Returning Officer, and Mr. L. B. Robinson as Deputy Returning Officer, subject to their acceptance. It was moved that a roll be compiled immediately based on the membership cards of the Association.

The following dates were set down for the Special Elections:
  • Monday, 5th April.—Posting of notice calling for nominations for members of Exec. and Officers.
  • Saturday, 10th April.—Nominations close.
  • 15th, 16th and 19th April.—Polling days.

The matter of holding a Special General Meeting to announce results was deferred until the next meeting. The Editor of "Salient" was authorized to make arrangements for a Special Election Issue, costs to be met from Association funds.

The Executive expressed confidence in all appointees of the previous Exec. to special appointments and reaffirmed all arrangements made by the previous Exec. at its meeting on 16/3/48 for the running of Extravaganza and the conduct of Capping celebrations.

The meeting was formally declared closed at 9.33 p.m.