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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 13. September 24, 1947

Some of the Delegates

Some of the Delegates

The delegates, 94 of them, from 42 countries, were as motley a crew as you could hope to find. They included Chinese, a Cuban, Indonesians, Albanians, a Mongolian, etc. not to mention all the European countries. When we sat. down for a meal, we never quite knew who was going to sit next to us, but there was never any sign of discrimination or personal dissension. Indeed, more valuable than the actual formal meetings were the social contacts in free hours. We worked very hard, all day and most evenings, for two days longer than we Intended, but there was stir time for some visits to the Featival concerts and two magnificent receptions, and an enormous amount of Information about our respective countries was swapped. I was very, amused, for example to hear, one dinner time, a very shrewd American Catholic girl pumping the Indonesian delegate about the number of Communists in his government. A small item perhaps, but it may have its effect when Sally returns to the States.

The highlight of the Conference, to my mind, was the impromptu "party in a local pub, one evening after a busy day. We were each 'singing our national songs to the accompaniment, of cheering, clapping and shouting, when John Redrup from Australia and Orest Sheftsov from the Ukraine came in, and announced that they had come to an agreement about a particularly important resolution. We insisted on a song, and they immediately chanted the whole resolution to us, sub-clauses and all. It is a pity UNO can't do the same.