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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 11. July 30, 1947

Trampers Play Poker and Climb Over Hut Roof

Trampers Play Poker and Climb Over Hut Roof

A quiet little party at Tauherenikau last weekend, originally intended to celebrate the fact that Rita and Jean were growing up, finally developed into a club reunion. Fifteen would-be revellers were led over on Saturday morning by Rita. While some spent the afternoon trekking up the river, others prepared the stew and chopped a huge pile of wood ready for a roaring fire. Yes, we had the new axe over there, and a heavy weapon it is too—I carried it over. Harold Dowrick arrived late in the afternoon and stayed to give the evening his presidential blessing. Ken Johnstone walked in about seven—he had to take his weekend constitutional along the Marchant to Bull Mound and back to the Chateau. The remainder of the gang staggered in at ten and the party really got going with song and tale-master Scotney, Gretton and Mitchell. The poker players down below were led up the garden path by Marshal Laird—they finished up in time to cook breakfast.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, but we are not sure whether it was the sun or the reflection of Gordon's daffodil-yellow pyjamas. The party was further entertained later in the morning by Barney Butchers and Roger Chorlton, who gave a daring display of mountaineering technique by traversing the roof of the hut complete with rope, ice axes (1), shovels (1).


cave canem . . . look out I'm going to sing!
coup de grace . . . mow the lawn.
suprema a situ . . . love has a thousand positions.