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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 11. July 30, 1947

Extracts from: Kavi Kit Git — (The Poets Song)

Extracts from: Kavi Kit Git

(The Poets Song)

In the tavern I see men weaving a net of Forgetfulness
And trampling upon the garlands of precious hours:
The flute player knows not himself,
And the dancers are lost in a sea of mad delight.
The scholar is hurrying in search of wisdom:
Burdened with a thousand eyes, he knows not where to go.
The world knows not, O Lord, that their hurrying footsteps
Wings them to Thy honoured feet in time.

Drunk with the wine of Youth
I wander through the myriad doors of Desire
The drums of Illusion arc loud.
And the dancing maids of Dreams
Arc numerous as the stars.
My life is drawing near to Emptiness
And, Lord, I fear that I am lost.

In the spring of life ten thousand leaves of Worldliness
With bright foliage cloaked my soul;
Time swept like a monsoon-kissed stream
And winter of old age appeared and laughed at me
For she had taken my cloak
And left me naked in unachievement.

You gave me an empty cup of Life
And bade me fill it from the pool of Wisdom;
But I saw the crowded world
Dipping its chalice into the well of Desire
Lord, I too have filled it with Desire
And now I am drunk with shame.

You filled my basket with Purity.
Men scorned at it in their market place
And women gathered to mock me.
They bid me sell it for it was out-grown fashion.
I sold it to Desire of a Night
He gave me a worthless coin of Regret
And now I place my pittance before you.

My sun has set at noon:
And now I must depart.
Whither will this ship now steer?
For I have planned for the night
And her stars to guide me.
But my sun has set at Noon.

Omar Hjumas.