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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 9. June 25, 1947

...not a proved theory

...not a proved theory

Dear Sir,—

Under the heading "Education or Dogma" "Salient" once more repeats the error that the broadcast complained of was making. In the words of the article, "to deny the process of evolution is equally futile": this is a repetition of one of the implications contained in the "Listener's" summary of the first six broadcasts. The fact is that Evolution is not a proved scientific theory. It is still a theory.

The approval of Professors Ford and Whittard is not sufficient to guarantee its accuracy. There is still a lot of disagreement among scientists as to the validity of the theory. How Tilings Began made no concessions to any of the widely differing views.

I have no wish to deny that Evolution with modifications from the pure evolutionist theory of the last century is reconcilable with Christian teaching. As it is the series was most competently presented and children are inclined to accept that type of programme together with the approval of teacher as dogma. Education is not the presentation of an unproved theory as important as this one.

"Solely a matter for the teachers to decide" seems to me almost as dangerous as your ignoring the real nature of the anti-evolutionists' complaint. It is no reflection on teachers to say that the responsibility is too great for them alone.

The suspension creates a dangerous precedent, but at least it demonstrates that the authorities are willing to concede that reason is often reasonable.

Maurice F. McIntyre.