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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 9. June 25, 1947

Soccer Needs More Pep

Soccer Needs More Pep

With the South Africans at our back door it's time we took a more realistic view of the incompetent foot-swinging that goes under the name of Soccer at Victoria. The fact that the Senior Eleven have won their last two games, the first against Hutt Rangers 3-0 and the second against Marist 6-3 is probably about the worst thing that could have happened to this bloated pack of self-satisfied pseudo-footballers. Somehow the team has to be made to realise that their game is about 5 per cent, of what it could be. The heading and passing are downright shocking. A ball thrown in should go to the foot of the player, not in his face; inside forwards should know how to pass with direction, and a few beefy barged goals are no exonerating compensation. But it would be invidious to mention names. The victories, generally piled up in the last ten minutes, are preluded by almost two spells of aimless meandering. Yet when it is decided that activity is urgent it is possible for the team to make their decadent opponents crumple hopelessly. Surely it is no compliment to score victories over the cripples and pensioned that constitute such an opposition?

The Thirds have beaten Upper Hutt 2-1 and lost to Seatoun B 1-2. In both cases they played short owing, to the defection of certain miserable individuals.

The Seconds, though having lost both their last two games by small amounts, are the most heartening factor in the club life. Here there is no pretension to skill, but there is boundless enthusiasm. These players will he glad to note the field practice now to be held regularly on Kelburn Park, Wednesday afternoon, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The elite mentioned with disparagement above may likewise gain some benefit if they would consent to drag their oh, so tired bodies along.