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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 10, No. 6. May 28, 1947

Give a Day's Work to Help World Student Relief

Give a Day's Work to Help World Student Relief

"We still see before us the misery and destruction which is the aftermath of war both in Europe and in the Far East;" states the latest report of ISS from Geneva.

"In Hungary inflation is destroying the basis of student life. In Yugoslavia students are struggling to rebuild their shattered universities. From Athens to Warsaw, tuberculosis looms as a threat to hundreds of young men and women for whom no adequate care is provided. India is suffering from famine in many of its provinces and its students lack many of the facilities which they need to study properly. Chinese students are on the march again, this time back towards the traditional centres of their culture in the large cities of the coast.

Student Work Days are days when the students of Victoria College offer their services to the public to do all kinds of jobs—cutting hedges, painting the garage, cleaning windows, good solid digging, easy weeding (no specialist knowledge required), ironing, mending, polishing; in fact a job for everyone. This is the big chance of the year for us to show the public of Wellington that we students are fit for more than running around the streets selling Cappicades, or putting on entertainments that aim at shocking the audience. Here we have the chance of really lending a hand to many who need it in these days of labour shortages. Not only that, but it shows the people of Wellington that we are more than theorists, that we are prepared to give practical help to students in need overseas.

You can work for half a day and earn ten shillings for World Student Relief. Now, if you have sports fixtures on those dates, how about several of you getting together and doing a job of work on Saturday morning, or failing that on Monday, June 2—where there is a will there is a way. Those who haven't got sports on those Saturdays could work for the whole day and earn £1 for Student Relief.

Choose your jobs from the lists in the main hall where jobs are entered up as they come in. If you particularly want a certain kind of job in a given locality, put your name down and book in advance.

The public answer our advertisements. It is up to us not to disappoint them.

In the past VUC Students have responded fairly well. In 1945 we raised £170 from work days, in 1946, £105. So what is it going to be this year—£200 we hope.

Last year we were very fortunate in getting £88 from the Lili Kraus concert so the total raised along with donations and collections was £314/14/7. This was not as much as in 1945 (£275), but this figure included a donation from Training College.

WSR helps students to help themselves. Here Polish students are seen at work rebuilding one of their hostels.

WSR helps students to help themselves. Here Polish students are seen at work rebuilding one of their hostels.