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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 10. August, 7, 1946

Second Hockey Team Unbeaten at Canterbury

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Second Hockey Team Unbeaten at Canterbury

Welcomed at Christchurch station by Canterbury people and a voice on the loudspeaker asking the Victoria hockey teams to assemble at a given point, we were then transported by our billets to our three-day homes. During the morning we were shown over the College and Stud. Ass. Building and our first games were in the afternoon, alter which we were invited back to CUC for afternoon tea.

In the-evening we saw "Macbeth" played by CUC students. The performance of Mary Rose Miller (ex-VUC) was particularly impressive.

On Friday Canterbury put on a tea dance in our honour, to which we went after playing TC teams. We departed to the pictures—most going to see "Henry V."

On Saturday morning one team played a local team, and a variety of entertainment was offered for the afternoon. Some went to the races at Riccarton. some to ride tandems to places with unbelieveable names, and some to watch the Kiwis beat Canterbury.

We were most impressed with the Christchurch billeters' hospitality and the ready supply of hot water to rid outselves of Hagley Park mud was appreciated. An example of their thoughtfulness was the fact that a large number of players managed to get bieveles on which to see the city and environs.

As for the games themselves, detailed results are:—
  • VUC 1st team v. CUC 1st team - lost. 0-3.
  • VUC 2nd team v. CUC 2nd team - won. 6-4.
  • VUC 1st team v. Training College "B" team - lost 0-5.
  • VUC 2nd team v. Training College "B" team - drew 4-4.
  • VUC 2nd team v. Papanui Technical - won 3-1.

All games were even and the teams played well. Jane Munro and Glen Simmers gave a particularly good display throughout. Gloria Fraser captained the first and Jean Priest the second team.

Senior A.—Congratulations to Marion Kiddle, Daisy Filmer, Josephine Smiler and Betty Boyes, from the graduates' team, who have been selected as Wellington Representatives in the Provincial "K" Cup competitions.

Graduates' Team.—Although this team has won two matches and drawn one this round, it has not played as well as might be expected. Unfortunately we have a "floating population" and hence a different team each week. Although this adds a bit of variety and an air of suspense to the games it docs not lead to good hockey. However, we have had some very bright spots. For instance, the game against TC was fast and clean, the forwards showed good combination, and it was only the opposition goalie who saved the score from mounting higher in our favour. Our game against YWCA was fair, being slow in the first half. It was an example of how the Varsity teams generally set the pace of their game by the pace of their opponents.

Perhaps one of our worst games, not because of the hiding we received, but for our play generally, was the one against Hutt United. Weather conditions were anything but ideal for hockey and on a ground more like a cowyard we found it very hard to do anything like justice to the game. The Hutt halves were too good altogether for our forward line. Their anticipation, defending and attacking tactics and good clean stick work, is a challenge to all of us. On a rather better ground and with a different team we again met our Waterloo against COG. Their forward line had been changed and was probably the strongest of the season, giving our defence more than enough work to do. Our own forward line should have been one of our strongest but lack of practice made any effective combination almost impossible. The long and eagerly awaited game against Varsity ended in a draw 2-2 against half-time score of nil. The game was fast and hot and most enjoyable but there were too many fouls on both sides. Off-side and obstruction seemed to be the two main breaches and occurred quite frequently. Graduates were perhaps unlucky not to have scored more goals as live hard clean shots by the right inner went wide by a yard or so. Varsity on the other hand, although they managed to combine very well down the field, lost all their punch once they reached the circle and had very few clean shots at goal. This situation could be helped a lot by quicker passes when tackled, hard hitting generally, hut especially inside the circle, and by-the inside forwards in particular pushing into the circle to pick up rebounds from the goaly's pads.

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