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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 10. August, 7, 1946

Gutz Busting

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Gutz Busting

Friday 26, approximately 6 p.m.—Four odd bods, masculine, and two of the opposite, bailed out at Homedale to knock back seven miles of tramper's delight along the shingle road to the tune of light, law and genuine classics. Sufficiently recuperated they went over the G.B. and loped down to Catchpole for an hour and a half cuppa. The Five-mile was distinguished only by its blue mud and air, and a Paua party mistook the Varsity party for Y.P.C. and started off in horror when their mistake was rectified. Midnight found the Varsity trampers at Wairenga, where two more odd bods who had crossed from Eastbourne earlier co-opted to relieve hunger and applaud shaggy dogs and other types of entertainment. The scheduled hour for departure next morning lay in the distant past when the party set out up river for Baines, which was to be the base for the working party's operations on the Matthews track. Threatening weather, news that the trampers had already cleared the track, damaged ankles and an allergy to altitude almost forestalled work, but the working party pressed on regardless to within a quarter hour walking time of the top. In pouring rain and darkness the party returned to Baines where a large meal had fortunately materialised.

The Whakanui route out which had been tentatively proposed was abandoned because of a strange incidence of semi-invalidism, in favour of Five-mile mud and a cuppa at Log Cabin. Then along with numerous other mud-covered bearded trampers, the party bussed from the cow bails at the foot of the G.B. track to Wellington, milk shakes, and similar safe destinations.