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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 10. August, 7, 1946


Students do not live in ivory towers, and an intelligent interest in the forthcoming election will undoubtedly be displayed by many. In view of this attitude "Salient" decided to interview the leading personages of the major parties, in order to ascertain their platforms, particularly with regard to education. It must be pointed out that "Salient" does not take sides in this issue but merely endeavours to present the authentic proposals for critical examination.

These are the questions submitted to the National Executive of the Labour Party and to the Leader of the Opposition:
1.What are your general proposals in regard to education for the forthcoming elections?
2.Do these proposals take into account the increased numbers of students?
(a)What about increase in the size of buildings?
(b)Extension of staff and the raising of their salaries?
(c)Should the Government pay a greater share of University expenses?
3.How do you account for the enormous increase in the number of students?
(a)Is it because the school leaving age is now higher?
(b)Is it because of a higher standard of living?
(c)What other factors do you consider responsible for it?
4.How do you account for the flight of New Zealand intellectuals overseas?
5.Are you prepared to give greater scope and encouragement to graduates so that the country may benefit to the fullest from their accumulated knowledge?
6.What ore your proposals for removing inequality of opportunity in regard to higher education?
7.What is your attitude towards equal remuneration of men and women graduates, particularly with reference to teachers?
8.Do you consider that the school leaving age requires to be raised further?
9.Aro you in favour of a compulsory part-time post-secondary scheme?