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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 8 July, 3, 1946



Except that Tracey is an NZU Blue, no statement in "Fair Play's" letter is correct.

Tracey was not picked for VUC. He was not eligible for OU because he did not take lectures there In 1945. OU sent Tracey and several others to Tournament because they had misread the constitution, although VUC had explained the position several weeks before. At Christchurch, we agreed to waive the constitution, and allow several people to compete for OU who had not taken lectures there in 1945.

All Colleges were told six days before Easter that Tracey was not picked for VUC because he was not a bona fide member of the VUC Athletic Club. The delegates do not select the teams. Tracey came to two meetings of the VUC club out of a possible of 31, once to be entered for the Provincial Championships, the second time to collect his free pass.

When Otago heard this the moved that Tracey be withdrawn from the Tournament. It was never in VUC's power to allow Tracey to compete for OU. and OU were so advised two weeks before.,

"Fair Play" apparently thinks it would be good sportsmanship for us to certify that a man was a bona fide chib member when he was not. Tracey ran for Wellington Club the previous year, not Varsity.

Any talk of VUC delegates calling a meeting at 10 p.m. on Good Friday to discuss one eligibility case out of the many that arose is irresponsible nonsense.

The correspondence beforehand and the minutes of the meeting are open for perusal by Mr. Tracey or anyone else.

The really important principle here is that if VUC Clubs send to Tournament the man who strolls along at the last minute to get a trip away, we might win an occasional Tournament by this underhand means, but by leaving behind the better members 'who have supported the club all the season we would very soon have no sports clubs at all.

R. M. Daniell


M. J. Poole, Tournament Delegates.