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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 5. May 7, 1946

Victoria Reaches Nadir at Easter Tournament

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Victoria Reaches Nadir at Easter Tournament

So we've got the Wooden Spoons again. And this time I think it really hurts. We've licked our previous wounds with the thought or" after the war—and that's come and gone and still the Spoons. The question must be asked, "What's wrong with 'Varsity athletics? This is not a complete survey; it is a series of observation in the manner of Wallie Ingram—though I hope a little more informative.

Firstly, there seems to be a lack of organized talent By that I mean that there is not sufficient long range arranging done to produce teams, culminating their efforts in Tournament. I will admit that the Varsity year, particularly for Victoria, is very full, but nevertheless with organisation it should be possible to produce the required amount of form.

Enthusiasm—an old-fashioned word seems to be lacking, though how this can be reinstated into VUC I can offer no real suggestion. It might almost be a subject to be considered by a special committee of the Executive.

The motivation of people attending Tournament is also open to question. Do they seek to represent VUC, to win for their Varsity in their sport, or is the social life of Tournament the deciding factor? Unfortunately I consider in all too many cases the latter is the case. There is also no "nursing" for tyros—all too frequently selectors search for developed talent rather than spend the time and patience necessary to produce trained competitors.

One feature of Varsity athletics that is peculiar to it is that the summer athletic season is broken by the long vacation. It is apparent that during this period it is vital that some committee be set up for each sport, together with a general liaison organisation to keep Varsity athletics functioning during the summer months.

Victoria has a reputation—for Ex trav., for Tramping, for Debating, and alas and shades of Mr. de la Mare—Drinking; and however desirable it might be to allow this to exist, it must be altered if we are to win Tournament 1947.

We must therefore savour our de. feat—for it's good—but we must realise that to win Tournament 1947 we must revise considerably our athletic programme.

The greatest rub of all is that we were second best in the Horn Trophy—where is the Haeremai Club?—A.T.H.