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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 5. May 7, 1946

—in retrospect

in retrospect

The arrival of the s.s. '"Wahine" on Thursday morning marked the end of the first Easter Tournament since the cessation of hostilities.

Auckland and Victoria Universities returned together, but we did not return empty-handed. Once more we return to our Hall the trophies we so generously donated some years back.

Victoria has disgraced herself rather more than usual this year and it is rather difficult to excuse—21 points when Otago can get 31½. Is Victoria hiding her light under a bushel? If so, isn't it about time that light shone forth? Or is there more to this failure than meets the eye? We know that we are only a glorified night school, but that shouldn't prevent us from maintaining a fairly high standard in the realm of sport. Surely we aren't all duds!

Where is our Tournament spirit? Are people going to Tournament solely for the purpose of having a good time? Have we no pride in our College? We only hope we will learn a lesson from this year's Tournament and do better next time.

Canterbury treated us very well and we are very grateful for their hos pitality. We hope we didn't cause too much trouble and can only offer sincere commiseration to all those who were given notice from flats and rooms, etc., for entertaining us so royally.

Otago, the winner of the Tournament Shield, had little or no competition in any field. Canterbury put up a good fight but fell short by quite a way. Not content with removing the majority of sports trophies, they also took the Drinking Horn and has first and second men Tor the shortest time.

Well done, Otago! Our congratulations!