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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 5. May 7, 1946

Aims of Federation of Democratic Youth

Aims of Federation of Democratic Youth

¶ To strive for close international understanding and co-operation amongst the youth in the fields of economic, political, educational, cultural and social activity, with respect for the diversity of ideas and national conditions; to make the maximum contribution to the elimination of fascism in all its forms; to render active assistance to the governments in ensuring peace and security, in bringing up the rising generation in the spirit of democracy, and in raising the standard of life of the young generation.

¶ To work for the active participation of youth in economic, political, social and cultural life, for the removal of all restrictions and qualifications concerned with sex, method of education, domicile, property or social status, religion, political belief, colour or race; to ensure for the democratic youth freedom of speech, press, religious belief, assembly and demonstration, and to assist in the foundation of democratic youth organisations where these do not exist.

¶ To work for good conditions of education, labour and leisure, and for the development of cultural, educational and sports activities amongst all youth.

¶ To do alt in its power, in the light of the present lack of unified national youth committees, to bring about the free and voluntary co-operation and association of youth organisations on a national level.

¶ To do all in its power to educate the younger generation in the ideas and responsibilities of world citizenship.

¶ To represent the interests of youth in international affairs and organisations and wherever possible to bring to the notice of such organisations questions affecting the intrests of youth. To maintain the closest possible contact with all other organisations having similar aims, and seek the support of people prominent in public life.