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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 5. May 7, 1946

The odds...

The odds....

Mr. Higgin: "Inevitability of imperialism…too shrewd to wave flags…harnesses nationalism in front of the cart…Miss Patrick with the aid of Spanish I.

Miss Kelly: "No consistent policy for the last 50 years…dominated by electioneering power seekers,"

Mr. O'Klynn: "Did we depend on USA in vain?"

Mr. Collins: "USA insists on keeping the secrets of the atom bomb because she emerged from the war as the dominant imperialist power. The American century…China America's India…blatant intervention." Mr. Collins is our pick for Union Prize.

Mr. Solomon: "Insidious campaign to make NZ the 49th State…monopoly of the taxicab service… con-canonistic continuity."

Mr. Berry: "Things are not what they seem." But he seemed to be judging the debate.

Mr. Ron Smith: "A little pressure from the White House, and they get no more tooth-paste." (Int.: "Squeeze 'em.")

The Chairman, Mr. Nigel Taylor, intervened here, saying: "Some of the speakers are not trying to be humourous. Try to listen to them."

Mr. Ziman: "The atom bomb scientists work as if under Fascism. Science cannot flourish under these conditions."

Mr. O'Brien: "A verdict of not proven."

Mr. Lovell: "I just got up to correct a few facts. I read Harper's and the 'Readers' Digest.'

Mr. Hume: "Public opinion is against imperialism, wishes for peace and no foreign entanglements. Government has refused to obtain oil concessions in Saudi Arabia. Mexico has not constipated American assets."

Mr. Minogue: "Not imperialist but self-defence…just getting there to forestall a German rebirth in the Argentine, the Japanese in Java and the Russians in China."

During the counting of the votes, a familiar voice was heard to whisper: "You'd be surprised who's on our side."