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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 4 April 17, 1946

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

The budding student of psychology could do nothing better than work in the Cafeteria. He or she would then have an unequalled opportunity to study humanity in the mass endeavouring to satisfy that essential driver—hunger. Even Mrs. Shillson can still be surprised at the odd remarks of that uncivilised animal—the hungry man.

Ranging from the innocent "How many apples do I get for a penny?" to the more obnoxious "they're using flour and water now for butter," the remarks of the students as they file past show a lamentable ignorance of the working of their own cafeteria. There is the smart young miss in the latest fashion who comes along, haughtily asking the manageress for a knife. Mrs. Shillson tells her to get one off the tables and come in and wash it herself. Consternation! With eyes popping out and shocked look on the pretty face she indignantly cries: "What cheek!" Just you remember, my pretty one this is your cafeteria and it must have your co-operation. Some people have co-operated by removing 20 knives from the Caf. in three weeks. They are the people to blame for your loss of dignity.

The ignorance shown by the majority of diners is, however, better than the snobbishness shown by others who would rather die than be seen wielding a teapot behind the counter. The compensation of having your meal provided free if you do assist brings forth the usual facetious remarks ("What, are you broke so early in the year?") but these are better ignored.

Seriously, though, our overcrowded cafeteria is a responsibility we cannot ignore. What about some of you hemen coming along and asking Mrs. Shillson if you could give her a hand? Heavy milk-cans, rubbish bins, potatoes and other heavy jobs have to be tackled by the five women in the caf.: chairs and tables have to be arranged, dishes washed, and other odds and ends to be attended to. The smallest effort by any student is always appreciated by the staff.