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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 3. April 13, 1946

Fresher's Tennis Tournament Played in Fine Weather

Fresher's Tennis Tournament Played in Fine Weather

This auspicious occasion, March 9, 1946, was remarkable for the unusual amount of health-giving rays cast onto the VUC tennis courts by "Ole Man Sun" in an overwhelming fit of generosity. Those who recall last Tournament will remember spending a goodly portion of the afternoon dancing to the tune of gentle rain. This year the weather was perfect and we are wondering how much it cost the club in bribes.

Alas—many eyes had lost the first flush of youth and were clouded and blear for was this not indeed "the morning after the night before?" This was emphasised by the fact that people who were (a) too young and innocent and (b) too conscientious, to attend Freshers' Welcome, carried the day at tennis. Those hardy few who were able to survive both did not show particular brilliance on the court—perhaps they did their dash the night before!—'miff said!!! Anyway the talent obviously came from those who had had an early night, though one must confess sadly, that talent was not particularly obvious in any way.

Unfortunately (??) the Tennis Club is always endowed with a "super" abundance of men and this Saturday was no exception. Women [unclear: were] in a minority and those men who were not on the spot right from the start found themselves [unclear: nartnered] by their own sex. Perhaps they were the lucky ones, however, as the women failed to show championship tennis form and two men carried off the laurels alter a finals victory over Mary Land and her partner. Those who are friends of Mary's would like to know her secret. Vitamins? concentration? or was it hypnotic influence? Rut perhaps we are misjudging Miss Land. Perhaps behind that scholastic brain lies the makings of a tennis champ.

But, back to the more serious side, all thanks are due to Miles O'Connor for the success of the afternoon—without him we would have been lost. It is time the club realised that we cannot expect miracles without support and what we need is support—more support—and still more support. There is still about £10 to be raised for the WLTA Central Park Courts; here we must mention the worthy effort of Loris Webley at the welcome the night before, to wit, a six [unclear: nny] raffle for a dozen beer which netted a clear six pounds profit. Well done Loris! we [unclear: sincerely] hope that the winner finally caught up with her and claimed the prize.