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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 3. April 13, 1946

Biol. Soc. Seeks Better Attendance

Biol. Soc. Seeks Better Attendance

The Biological Society held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, March 26, and from the dozen or so present the following officers were elected:—
  • President: Pat Hoggard.
  • Sec.-Treas: Lionel Anderson.
  • Committee: Mary Land, Margaret Ross, Ted Bradstock.

After the meeting, Dr. Hamilton of the DSIR gave a talk on "Herd Improvement Methods" and though in the main statistical, this was nevertheless interesting. We were only sorry that there were so few to hear Dr. Hamilton even if they were enthusiastic. Last year the society had a relatively large membership and we hope that next time a speaker is invited to the College there will be a great many more interested students.

A Lying Jade

Rumour is a lying jade, but the fickle lady hath it that a Jack Rabbit, zealous History II Co-ed., bowed low with the more exclusive ennui of her sedentary entertainment, repaired to a distressingly inanimate typewriter and poured out heart and unblushing soul to the extent of two foolscap pages, which she unhesitatingly forwarded to the ever-amazed Editor of "Salient." Further to this unreliable information it is said that despite the acrimonious counsel of his sub-editors, the latter body with equal tenacity had the script in question duly printed and published with the consequent upheaval of University ethics and Victorian morals. Revolution in the raw was averted, however, by the swift and bloodless action of "Salient" sleuths, who with but a postage stamp and a rouge finger-print as available clues, rapidly hounded the culprit to a metropolitan Coffee Shoppe.

To alleviate reciprocal action, counter-espionage agents are reported to be working triple shift until possibilities of civic repercussion are gone. It Is understood that notwithstanding Imperial intervention "Salient" will continue to appear as before in the Main Hall on Wednesday, on the lunch table on Thursday, and at Moa Point by the week-end.

Chemistry Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Chemistry Society was held on Thursday. March 15, in the Biology Lecture Room.

There was a large attendance and the following officers were elected for the current year:—
  • President: A. G. McDiarmid.
  • Secretary-Treasurer: G. S. Saxton.
  • Committee: B. Marsh, R. M. Dickson, A. R. Caverhill, W. Johnston.

It was hoped that if the attendance at the future meetings be as large it will be profitable for the Society and its members to invite guest speakers to deliver addresses throughout the year. Following the general business some films of a general scientific interest were shown by Mr. H. D. C. Waters.

The evening concluded with supper.