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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 3. April 13, 1946

Youth Blueprints Its Future at Anti-Fascist Congress

Youth Blueprints Its Future at Anti-Fascist Congress

"We, the youth of the world, gathered at the World Youth Conference called by the World Youth Council and held in London in November, 1945, following the victorious war waged by the United Nations against Fascist aggression, do hereby constitute the World Federation of Democratic Youth on this 7th day of November, 1945. This World Federation is ... an Organisation of youth united in their determination to work for peace, liberty, democracy, independence and equality everywhere in the world. The World Federation of Democratic Youth shall regard its work as a contribution to the work of the United Nations and as the most certain way of ensuring the protection of the rights and interests of youth, and the happiness and well-being of future generations."

Thus runs the preamble to the constitution of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Based on the strong upsurge of democratic forces resulting from the defeat of fascism, and recognising the necessity of refusing fascism a "second chance." this organisation can be a strong force in the promotion of world peace. There is, of course, a very necessary provision for its success, and that is that the youth of the world should give it every support. Its proposed activities include assistance to youth organisations whose work is hindered by lack of funds or equipment, plans for the interchange of young people between ail countries, the maintenance of close contact with the United Nations Organisation and the World Federation of Trade Unions—and most important, particularly in countries where various world-wide specialised youth organisations already exist, as in England, "to provide for the formation, under the auspices of the Federation, of special international youth sections."

Delegates from 63 nations attended this Conference, representatives of countries from the USSR to Jamaica, from West Africa to China.

New Zealand's contact with overseas youth organisations is through NZUSA. If you wish to see a copy of the NZ delegate's report on the Conference our own executive have a copy, and will he only too willing to let you peruse it. Your contact with the Youth Movement is mainly through "Salient," which for several years has been conducting [unclear: as] Exchange Service not only with overseas universities hut also with a number of overseas youth Organisations. "Salient" is regularly dispatched to all those with whom we have contact, and a goodly amount of material is received in return. It is filed and kept in "Salient" [unclear: room] where any student who so desires can read it.

Newspapers are received from the various universities of Australia, and also MUM, the annual magazine of Melbourne University. From South Africa comes the fortnightly paper and annual magazine of Rhodes University College. We also have contact with the National Union of SA Students. In Canada, we exchange with Acadia, McGill and Dalhousie Universities, and with the French-Canadian University Laval. From Ottawa University comes the organ of French students, "Rotonde." A variety of publications are received from England, the most notable being "Student Forward." organ of the University Labour Federation.

In the USA the exchange service covers the National Student Federation of America, the American Youth Congress. South California University, Howard University (the Negro University established in Washington in 1867) and Fordham University from which we receive a French newspaper.

Within New Zealand, we receive "Craccum." "[unclear: Canta]" and "Critic" from our sister colleges, the "Hutt Railway Workshops Gazette," the "People's Voice," and the N.Z. Labour Review."

Contact with n number of overseas organisations has unfortunately lapsed during the war, but "Salient's" Exchange Manager, Mike Murray, is hard at work re-establishing relations, and making new contacts. Among the new contacts are the Australian Student Labor Federation, the organisation of "Free Austrian Youth." the Royal University of Malta. Witwatersrand University. South Africa, and we hope soon to obtain information concerning student organisations in India, South America, Europe and the Soviet Union.

Here then is a fairly representative selection of world student and youth opinion. New Zealand as a nation has very definite duties towards the maintenance and efficiency of UNO. We as students have clearly Just as definite an obligation towards WFDY. And in addition we have a duty to ourselves to fulfill in learning about the activities and plans of students in other countries. The material is here. It requires readers.


Graduates this year are in danger of being capped without hoods or gowns. They can be bought only on the black market at exorbitant prices. Would any student possessing or knowing the whereabouts of gowns or hoods which could be lent please leave their names at the Exec. Room?

With this issue you have received a questionaire on the boarding situation. If this matter concerns you please fill in the form and put it in the "Salient" box in the Main Hall. Material will be created and proposals put forward for improvement in the lodging of students.