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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 2. March 20, 1946

Trampers Salube in Hutt Valley—Abduct "Salient" to "Chateau"

Trampers Salube in Hutt Valley—Abduct "Salient" to "Chateau"

The Tramping Club has got away to a good start this year, having already run a Sunday trip over Cannon Point to Karapoti and back to Akatarawa, and a two-day trip to the Tauherenikau Valley. The annual meeting will be held within the next week and after that a detailed syllabus for the rest of the year will be published.

Fresh Fields

A new trip for this club was chosen for the inaugural tramp. Advertised as an easy walk, the route first climbs the Wellington fault near Upper Hutt to Cannon Point, which provides an excellent panorama of the Tararua Range and the Hutt and Mangaroa Valleys. Unfortunately for the easy walkers, the lead was taken by Geoff Milne, sometime student guide at the Hermitage, and by Peter Coleman, Milford Track repairer. Unfortunately, because the uninitiated felt it their duty to keep up with the leaders, and arrived at the top red-faced and panting, only regaining their wind in time to hurl abuse at the club committee who had ambled lazily up the hill, far behind the main party. After lunch on top of the hill and a headlong descent to the Campbell's Mill stream, a short swim was very welcome until various small boys and cantankerous females on the bridge above began to hurl insults and apple cores at the bathers. A billy of tea was made, not without a certain amount of acrimony; subsequently two Forest Rangers declared the fire well and truly extinguished. The return to Akatarawa was made along the road, some on the milk lorry, some on the feet A wheelbarrow found on the roadside was spurned as antiquated.

Singing in train, bus and lorry, is traditional in all VUC clubs and the Tramping Club considers it can beat all comers in this activity. We are looking forward to Extrav. 1946 for additions to our repertoire.

Intellectuals in the Backwoods

Tauherenikau Hut last Sunday morning presented a rather unusual scene. Most of "Salient" Staff was transported there on Saturday and the following morning proceeded to hold their laying out meeting. Scissors and paste, galleys and paste-ups were dragged out of sundry packs and soon floor and table were covered with scraps of paper, the air was filled with curses and cigarette smoke, and a facsimile of the paper you are now reading soon appeared. At lunch time some people thought the paste might make a tasty addition to the dessert, but this suggestion was overruled as the new regulations regarding the disposal of Stud. Ass. property would not countenance such undue consumption. This tramp was only the second for some years for which lorry transport from Wellington was provided. The advantages, financial and social, of lorry transport are overwhelming. The club is now allowed one lorry a month and as a result will be able to run far more varied and interesting trips, as well as several skiing trips to Kime and Holdsworth in the winter.