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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 9, No. 1. March 1, 1946


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A critical observer might have noticed an improvement in the activities of VUC Sports Clubs during the past two years. The magnificent collection of wooden spoons reposing in the cupboard is no evidence but, what with returning servicemen and women, increasing numbers and the general revival of College activity there may be some hope of acquiring more silverware in the coming Easter and Winter Tournaments. We make no rash forecasts, but at least we can promise our opponents a run for their money. Tournaments are not the be-all and end-all of our sportsmen and there are good prospects of success in the local competitions.

The Cricket Club have started 1946 well by showing AUC that our teams are not to be trifled with. Their brilliant play in the Wellington Competitions is something of which the College may be proud. Our Women's Senior B and Junior Hockey teams defeated CUC teams sent up towards the end of last season.

An absolute necessity for a sports club is good attendance of active numbers. All sportsmen and women should rally round their clubs from the first practice onwards. If you are interested in a sport, join the club and take your part, both for your own sake and for the sake of others who will benefit by your co-operation.

The first consideration of any game is of course the team co-operation and the game itself. We are fortunate in having a tradition of excellent sportsmanship in all games but, at the same time, because of laxness of attendance at practices, have also gained an unfortunate reputation, prior to last Sanson, for failing to make the grade in competition. Keenness is a good thing, but, without a little science, tends to do more to demoralise the referee than the opponents.

"Salient" wishes all teams and players every success for 1946 and would like to see Club reports in early for each issue.

Tennis Club Reviews Vacation Activities

This lesion the Club has been very active, participating in Inter-Club competitions and the running of a men and women's singles ladder.

The Senior A team hat won one game so far, white the second grade team has won two. It is expected, however, that with the resumption of classes this year the strength of the two teams will be considerably increased as many of our top-ranking players have been out of Wellington during the recess. Returned Servicemen will also add greatly to the strength of the Club.

The members of the A team are Ben O'Connor, who has been playing top for the men, with Win Stutter, Jack Walls, Alister McLeod and Peter McKenzic constituting the remainder of the men's section; while Nancy and Rae Turner, together with Avis Reed and Joyce Strange have made up the women's section of the team. Joyce Strange has since gone to Auckland, and her place in the team has been filled by Jean Miller. At the New Zealand championships at Auckland. Ben O'Connor distinguished himself by winning the Men's Plate and by reaching the quarter finals of the men's doubles. Ben has retained his form throughout the season and continues to play excellent tennis. Win Smiler was unlucky at the beginning of the season when he had to give up playing owing to an illness. He has since fully recovered, and during the last few matches has begun to show snatches of his old form. Jack Walls is a steady player but needs more tournament play. Alister McLeod has Improved with practice and is now playing some fine tennis.

The women's combination is weak, and it is evident that more practice is needed in both mixed doubles and women's doubles. The girls could do with a little more devil in their play, and a lot of practice. Nancy Turner has been playing some good tennis at times, but has not hit last year's form so far. Joyce Strange was another member of the team who met with bad luck in the form of illness earlier in the season.

The second grade team suffered by not having the same team throughout the season. Due to this state of affairs, team practices were very few, and as a consequence of this successes were not spectacular. Taking the team by and large, it is in need of efficient coaching, although some of the players show great promise. First amongst these is Sue IIott, who is the bright spot on the horizon. Suzanne shows every promise of developing into a top ranking player. She is a very keen tennis player and one who has been coached well, enabling her to play her strokes with punch and accuracy. Gilbert Taylor, who plays top for the men, does not take the game seriously enough and should concentrate more on his service. Alister McLean, who plays second, could do with practice gained by playing on the University courts. He could also improve his game by concentrating more on the accurate placing of his shots. Bruce Weir is still inclined to use his forehand drive indiscriminately and should exercise more care. His service, although good at times, is still in need of practice, and concentration on this particular stroke would do a lot to Improve his game. Jean Miller, who was playing top for the women earlier in the season and who Is now playing in the A grade, plays a very steady game and is a very useful mixed doubles player. Loris Webley shows exceptional promise and should develop well with coaching. She has a very useful forehand and plays a good game at net. Yvonne Chapman could improve her game by paying more attention to it. Elizabeth Millward plays some quite good strokes at times but needs a lot of practice and experience in match play.

Two successful days have been spent during the season by members of the club when working bees have been held, and quite a considerable amount of useful work has been done.

A very hearty welcome is extended to all Freshers interested in tennis, and a Yankee Tournament will be held on Saturday, March 9.


The 1946 season sees the VUC Swimming Club fully half resuscitated, with an average attendance of twenty people.

Prospects for Tournament are no better than usual. However, Varsity swimmers continue to make a brave exhibition in local swimming.

Of the men. Doug West is probably the sprint swimmer with Doug Kerr offering good competition. Jack Bennett is the chief long distance freestyle swimmer; he came third in the I-mile freestyle last Tournament, and has been training assiduously. Toby Easterbrook-Smith is the best so far discovered at backstroke. Versatile Charlie Withers (of social committee fame) shows form in backstroke.

There have already been several close fights between Janet Caselberg, Elizabeth Daniell and Margaret McKenzie. Recently Misses Caselberg, Gardner and McKenzie astounded the natives at Thorndon by filling the first three places in a 662/3 freestyle handicap. The girls modestly claim (naturally) that there were only three entrants.

Bernfe Knowles is the most promising breaststroke swimmer amongst the men, and Catherine Eichelbaum amongst the women.

The polo team generally includes seven of the following: Bennett. Bogle, Easterbrook-Smith, Kiddle. Kerr Munrien, Murphy, Osten, Shannon.

Club nights are held on Wednesday at Thorndon, 8 p.m. The Club Captain is B. B. Hands, recently resigned. The Secretary, G. S. Bogie, is to be found at 45-012 or 46-546 (Physics Department).