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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945

Trampers Trip to Kime

Trampers Trip to Kime

In a period of only four weeks the Tramping Club has sprung from virtual non-existence to one of the most popular clubs in the College. The main event of the year is the skiing trip in the August vacation to either National Park or Arthur's Pass—more probably the latter. Intending skiers should note that usually far more want to go than can be accommodated in the huts, and that selection will be made on a basis of recent club support.

Ski Heil!

A week of southerly weather covered the ranges with the first snow of winter, resulting in a sudden exodus of skithusiasts from Wellington, during King's Birthday weekend. To add to their joy, a moderate anti-cyclone settled over the entire North Island for the whole three days. As was expected, the standard of skiing was low, and tuition nonexistent. However, everyone was enthusiastic and adventurous—several skinned noses and backsides testify to this.


Midge McLaughlin gathered a small band of followers who tripped their airy way to Ohakune Hut on the southern slopes of Ruapehu. He returned singing Te Deums to this erratic semi-slumbering goddess who had greeted his fondling of her tender curves with no more than an occasional steamy belch.


The main party gambled on the prospect of finding sufficient snow. There was almost too much. It took hair a day of trail-breaking, with the assistance of the Tararua Club, before the skiing ground was reached.

Spewed from the train on to Otaki station at 8.0 p.m. on Friday, sixteen hearty students were not a whit dismayed at having to wait two hours for transport, but sang and folkdanced on the railway track until the truck arrived.

The night was spent in the Tararua Club cottage at Otaki Forks till the early light of dawn (10 a.m.!) saw them trundling skis up the Hector Track. At Field Hut, Bill Bridge, chief guide of TTC, made it known that it would be very difficult going to Kime in the soft snow. It was decided to make Field's the base and continue the next day without full packs. So over 40 sardines were housed in Field's before night, not without some discomfort, and some parboiled food.

Sunday proved ideal for skiing with a hard fast surface on the snow. This was some disadvantage to beginners, but far more exciting than the cloying slush usually found at this time of the year.


It is Quite apparent that the Tramping Club's decision not to send a team to the Winter Tournament is justified, but with the large amount of up-and-coming talent, we should be at least among the starters next year. In particular, Dennis Hartley, captain of the tramping club hockey team, John Ziman, and Alec McLeod are showing considerable promise.

Tramping Etiquette and Conduct

A few words of advice are not out of place to many members of the club, not about skiing, but about general behaviour. This is an almost entirely new club, and it is apparent that much has still to be learned about the technique of sharing a hut with another club, especially when that other club happens to be the owner. We received invaluable assistance and encouragement from the Tararua Club, and it is the least that we can do to refrain from, anti-social conduct when we are their guests. In this direction we are progressing, but not quickly enough.