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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 8 June 27, 1945

"Social Content" Denied

"Social Content" Denied

"On being appointed Rostrum Editor," said Mrs. Fowler, "I collected a committee of four; Mr. Munz, as a representative of CUC; Mr. Olson for TC; Mrs. Morris, as Press Bureau Correspondent; and Mr. Fowler, Editor of Salient. All contributions were considered by this committee; the majority were thought unworthy of print; the total number were insufficient to fill the publication, and it was therefore necessary to abandon publication for 1944. I strongly resent the implication that exacting or unusual standards were demanded." As regards the text-book situation: before leaving Wellington Mrs. Fowler had been advised by Exec. to place all material and information in the hands of Mr. Boyd, for a publications subcommittee of the Council. This was done, and any obligations could be considered discharged.

Mr. Campbell rose to regret the many references to himself in the report and trusted that it was not thought his doing. (Cries of: "O.K. Stan, we realise that," etc.) Most of the trouble had arisen through the failure of individuals to report back to Exec. When Miss Crompton left Wellington and unfortunately became Mrs. Fowler (Mr. Fowler: "I object" General uproar), she neglected to report re the situation of Rostrum, etc: this had caused the misunderstanding.

Dave Cohen—the new President

Dave Cohen—the new President

Mrs. Fowler: "That is not the case. I reported in full on Rostrum to NZUSA, who were satisfied. The Exec. knew of the transfer of text-book material to Mr. Boyd."

Further speakers took exception to the Report on various grounds. Comments from the floor gained in virility. With difficulty the Chair restored order and proceeded to sum up. "This Report was not produced solely by Mr. McDowall: it was approved by myself and seen by several Exec. members, although not formally ratified. It is a poor thing if the Exec. cannot criticise or commend members for their work throughout the year; mainly fair criticism has been levelled." (Mingled cries of rage!) "The Exec. itself is subject to more criticism than any other student organisation."

The motion that the Annual Report be adopted was then put. After two hours of strenuous debate it was carried by 44 votes to 36.