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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 7. June 13, 1945



Stanley Campbell

Mr. Campbell is in his third part-time year at VUC. He has been two years chairman of the Debating Club, was a 1944 committee member of IRC, and is advertising manager for Salient. He is the originator of the Miniature Rifle Club and is at present attempting to organise a Men's Basketball Team for Winter Tournament in Dunedin. In Extrav, he will be remembered as the "Red King," and also for his work in organising the Palmerston North tour. As a member of the retiring exec, he held positions on many committees, including Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Extrav. and Tournament; as publicity officer he did good work in introducing VUC to the National Film Unit; two films have been made, shorts on Biology as an educational subjects and on the Health Scheme, are in preparation. In the forthcoming year Stan would like to see the following matters treated as urgent:—

Renovation of the Men's Common Room, on the style of Massey College, with dally papers and magazines.

Appointment of a committee to deal with and assist rehabilitated students.

Introduction of a compulsory medical scheme.

Dave Cohen

Dave Cohen

Stan Campbell

Stan Campbell

David Cohen

Mr. Cohen has been an active member of the Association since 1936, excepting three years in the army, 1942-44. A past member of both Dramatic and Debating Committees, he teat present Vice-Chairman of the Debating Club and committee member of IRC. As Exec. Vice-Pres. (1941-41), he founded the social committee and originated tea-dances. An Extrav. participant in many capacities—properties, actor, co-author and orchestra—he was musical director in '41 and '45, and was responsible for the music to "Kitty from Cairo."

He represented VUC boxing in '39 and '40, is an ex-member of the football club, at present plays hockey for TC. Dave is associate editor of this year's Spike and is responsible for the five hundred person subscription list to Salient.

Aside from general exec. policy concerning overcrowding, returning students, the new building etc., he would like to see more attention paid to greater student representation on governing bodies, via Court of Convocation [unclear: celeetions], and closer contact with the general community, including the publishing of College opinion on controversial questions of the day.