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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 7. June 13, 1945

Yer pays yer Money and Takes yer Pick

Yer pays yer Money and Takes yer Pick

Election of members to the Students' Executive will take place next Friday, and on the following Monday and Tuesday nights. We doubt whether any previous Executive has been called upon to prosecute tasks as hazardous and of such paramount importance as those confronting the College of 1945-46, and hope that few will treat the coming poll in a light-hearted manner. Only those capable of maintaining a most responsible attitude and long-term vision in settling such issues as the rehabilitation of many hundred students, the problem of overcrowding, and the new Students' Association Building, can serve successfully as representatives of the student body.

The following are the members of the retiring executive, four of whom have again been nominated:—
  • President: Jack Barr.
  • Secretary: Ian McDowall.
  • Treasurer: David Steele.
  • Women's Vice-President: Margaret Beattie.
  • Men's Vice-President: Dick Daniell.
  • Women's Committee: Cecil Fowler, Joan Sim, Margaret Orr.
  • Men's Committee: Gib. Bogle, Stan. Campbell.

At their last meeting the exec. appointed Mr. Pierce as returning officer. Within the requisite time the electoral roll was posted.

Comprising sixteen close-typed foolscap sheets, it contains some 960 names. Of a similar roll last year 324 students voted, little over 30 per cent. It is to be hoped that this year more students will take the opportunity of exercising their democratic and constitutional rights.

The preferential voting system is used. This prevents the election of any member by a minority and eliminates vote splitting.

This executive has had important and full agendas throughout the year. The Medical Scheme, Tournament, Extrav, and the Student Association Building have all occupied a great deal of time. Most matters have been handled by the exec, members themselves, or by the sub-committees it is their duty to appoint.

Every endeavour has been made to ascertain that a just and fair representation of the students is made. This is only possible if everyone casts their vote and casts it conscientiously. When this happens the executive will know that it has the wholehearted and unremitting support of the college.