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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 8, No. 1. Friday, March, 2, 1945

Exec. Seeks Student Views On Draft Plans

Exec. Seeks Student Views On Draft Plans

With the help of the Building Committee the Executive have compiled the following list of requirements for the new Student Union Building. They have been compiled with a view to both practicability and essentiality, and it is felt that they should be broadly feasible with the funds available.

The following notes and queries have been raised during these preliminary discussions, and are now offered for general debate. Any suggestions for improvement will be welcomed and should be referred to a member of the Executive.

1.Concourse.—The Executive feels that the building should be so designed that there is a general thoroughfare where the notice boards can get the necessary publicity.
2.Theatre.—There has been a division of opinion on the desirability of having a separate theatre. On the ground of expense it is not possible to provide separate space for theatre, gymnasium and dance floor in the concrete building. On the ground that there is considerable need for a permanent theatre, and in view of the difficulty of reaching a satisfactory compromise between a theatre and dance floor, the Executive favour separation of these facilities and doubling of the dance floor and gymnasium, which are less incompatible. This solution of the difficulty does not have the full support of the Building Committee, who recommend a separate gymnasium and a hall with portable seats.

It should be borne in mind that it with probably be possible to use the present building for some time after the new one is built and after that it may be cheaper to erect a separate wooden gymnasium than to provide the space in a ferro-concrete building.

3.Cafeteria.—The present cafeteria is hopelessly overcrowded with its present accommodation between 70-80. Allowing a restricted area basis if 15-28 sq. ft. per person (this includes provision for kitchen and service space) it will be possible with a minimum seating capacity of 150 to effect a much more efficient service. It is felt, particularly by the Building Committee, that it would not be necessary to accommodate more than 150 at one time.
4.Committee Rooms.—The Executive is unable to envisage the necessity for more than three Committee Rooms. These would also be used by small music groups and some provision in this direction would increase the utility of such rooms. Another possible use would be to make them available for clubs and societies not large enough to use the Theatre.