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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 7, No. 5 June 21, 1944

Sport — Let Us Go Forward Together

page 8


Let Us Go Forward Together

Though of late most of the luck has been with the opponents, the reporters of the various clubs, eight in number, have emerged undaunted and copy has flowed into "Salient" letter-box as never before. They didn't even have to be reminded.

Perhaps another reason could be found to explain the setbacks which the majority of clubs have suffered during the last few weeks. Does each team play as one man? It appears that in most cases, a little more co-operation between the backs and the forwards might be the answer. To achieve this, the coaches must have the support and attendance of every player in the team.

Hockey Teams Weak

Some Improvement Shown Lately


The teams have suffered because of variation owing to illness and absence of individual players and interruption by public holidays.

From the first round Senior A emerged unvictorious yet unabashed, hoping to try again. Though substantially beaten by Hutt United and Tech. Old Girls the team competed with Petone Tech. Old Girls in a more equal contest, the final score being 5 all.

The Senior B team consists mainly of players promoted from last year's Junior grade and of this season's beginners, and are presenting effective opposition to the more experienced teams in their grade.

The Intermediate team—an enthusiastic band composed mostly of new players. Is shaping well and has won several games. The forwards are lacking in combination, however, although individual play is promising. The backs should develop into capable players.

Varsity club entered three teams in the seven-a-side tournament on King's Birthday. The Senior A team lost one game, drew one and won three. The Senior B team made a good performance, and although they registered no wins they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. The play of the Junior team was commendable and they emerged with a few wins to their credit.

It is rumoured that the Inter-Varsity Tournament may be held at Canterbury near the end of August. However, in the event of this being cancelled because of travelling restrictions the Canterhury Women's Hockey Club has invited Victoria over for a friendly match.


The six club teams have now been finalised and the consistent attendances have Justified the fielding of so great a number of teams in club competitions.

While little need be said of the Senior A team, the B's deserve special mention for their fine display against the A's last week. The A's were shown how a team can work together, and the B's did this very well. Captain Max Christie and Club-captain Arch. Ives played splendid games, and the forward line gave its best exhibition to date.

The 2A team has been very unfortunate, losing their last two games narrowly. The team is as yet a little over-inclined to slackening their effort after a lead has been established, but they should lose this tendency after another game or so.

Though the 2B team has not won many of its recent games, their play indicates a great improvement and they should strike a good patch soon.

3A includes many of the club's keener members. Noel Brown's regularity at practices is reaping its reward, and Gib. Bogle and Dennis Hartley turned out in spite of the much-anticipated Extrav. Reunion.

In the games 3B has played it has been defeated only by very narrow margins. The newer players, captained by capable Jerry Chapiro, have put up excellent showings against more experienced hockey players.

In spite of the scarcity of practice balls (thankfully offset to some extent by the Women's Club) practices have been very well attended. There is still room for any others who would like a run around on Thursday nights. Thanks are due to Brian Nash and Johnny Nichols, who have helped the committee out by taking many of the practices.


Though results are not as good as was hoped the various fifteens are still winning matches here and there, and we have amassed 23 points (out of a possible 54) in the club championship.


The Seniors have beaten Johnsonville 12-6 and Hutt B 14-0 and have drawn with Miramar 3-3, being fifth in the Hardham Cup competition.

The loss of Henderson, who scored all the points against Johnsonville and Miramar, is a severe one, but several of the other backs are showing form sufficient to compensate for this.

Among the forwards Grayburn, Barraclough, Cornick and Brian are playing consistently well, while Dobson was selected as emergency for the Civilians on King's Birthday.


The forwards in this team are little inferior to those of the Senior fifteen, and there is no doubt that if the backs possessed commensurate ability and could make use of a plentiful supply of the ball, the team would stand very high in the competition. As it is the wings, Goldfinch and Twaddle, who are fast and determined, seldom see the ball. This, however, is no fault of the half back, Paki, who is playing very well.

The Juniors have beaten St. Pat's O.B, 10-3 and Oriental 14-13 and lost to Onslow O.B. 0-13.

Third A

This team has beaten Athletic 12-0 and Oriental 6-3 and drawn with St. Pat's Silverstream 0-0.

That they have been able to do this depends very largely on the fact that both backs and forwards can work together. Of the backs Haldane, Ackroyd and Berry can all handle excellently and kick powerfully, while R. Evans is a very fine wing.

Of the forwards Shires stands out, with Dowrick little behind him, and Gibbons and Igglesden are showing good form.

Third B

This team was rather unlucky in losing to St. Pat's O.B. 3-13, but was later beaten by Porirua and Wellington A.T.C.

Third B are unfortunate in that the Club can get no special coach for them, and it says much for their keenness that they still carry on.