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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 7, No. 4 June 7, 1944

Progressive Club

Progressive Club

Those who read and approved the proposal in an earlier issue to form a club within the College which could assist in the revitalising of student activity—and show students what the corporate life of the student body has to offer—will be pleased to hear that the idea has not lapsed. A number of students interested in the future of the College held a meeting to consider proposals to form a "Progressive Club." The meeting passed a motion constituting themselves Convening Committee. The committee then proceeded to a discussion of the alms and objects of the Club, which it was agreed should be on the following lines:
1.To stimulate the students to an interest in their own affairs in the college and community.
2.This, it was agreed, could only follow from making the primary object the acquaintance of students with the main task before us, the winning of the war, and organising actively to assist this end.
3.By its efforts to assist other College Clubs back to life.

The Proposed Activities

It was decided that Activity should be the watchword. Lectures, films, discussions, campaigns within the College in accordance with the Aims. It was agreed that the Club, by its membership of people directly concerned with student activity, could provide a cross-section of student opinion and thus act as an effective link between the Exec, and student body.

Two further meetings have been held to finalise details. The date for the first meeting is Friday, June 9th, when the proposals will be submitted for approval and discussion.