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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 7, No. 1 March 28, 1944

Progressive Club — A Letter…

Progressive Club

A Letter…

Dear Sir,

It is not without concern that during the war years I have witnessed a steady decline in the activity of the cultural clubs of the college and of the student body generally. This disintegration has proceeded until now the student body is almost a corpse with its corporate life at a very low ebb indeed.

This situation can perhaps be accounted for by the war situation, by the loss of students to the armed forces and by the very commendable zeal with which present students approach their work, which is after all their wartime job.

However this may be I cannot help but feel that students over the past few years have sought their cultural and leisure time activity outside the college and have looked on the college simply as a collection of lecture rooms where they must spend a requisite number of hours each week.

I would like to see all students devoting their leisure time to college clubs and activity. I would urge new students to seek their cultural and spare time activity in the college, in debating, dramatic and other clubs which have flourished in the past but are now almost extinct.

It had occurred to me that a new progressive club on the lines of the Radical Club at Canta might well be inaugurated combining the activity of our International Relations Club with a wider field of activity and covering a greater diversity of student interests. A club which would develop into a cultural organisation of the highest order in which a large percentage of students would be interested and active.

A comprehensive programme should be envisaged—discussions, lectures, brains trusts, debates, films, Sunday hikes, etc. The club would thus include and combine the activities formerly divided among many weak clubs.

—Yours, etc.,

D. Cohen.