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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 11 August 11, 1943

Exec. Meeting

Exec. Meeting

The last exec, meeting was a little disappointing. The business dragged and important issues were held over. However, it was a bleak and inhospitable night, two members were ill and conditions in general did not promote the expected action and initiative.

Agitation for better library hours over the forthcoming holidays proceeded according to plan. Degree exams, draw near and no obstacle to more intensive swot must be allowed. This one can be, should be, and will be removed.

The question of Faculty Committees brought the decision that a special meeting be held to discuss their formation. It should be quite a simple business in practice. To form a production committee in industry a few leading hands approach the management with suggestions for improved organisation, elimination of wasted time or material, and set up a committee to handle details. Similarly a few responsible students will approach the Professor or Dean concerned with proposals for improved curricula, more tutorials, or whatever they feel will benefit their studies.

This is an excellent move. May it prosper!

A hostile letter was received from Sir Thomas, who stated with indignation that the stone block fallen from a wall of the main steps had been three times re-erected and three times overturned before the cement dried. Prof. Kirk denying the crime, it is assumed that some student is responsible. If so, would he, she, they, or it kindly lay off. It not only baffles the architect but also prevents the old college from regaining composure after the recent quakes. Thank you.

A Publicity Officer is required—an appointment which was held over from last meeting. In the past this position has boiled down to that of Poster Painter. This tradition was accepted by half the exec.—the other half demanded something more militant, a Public Relations Officer to advertise the University to the public. We certainly need somebody who can win for Victoria credit in the city. The trouble is personnel. Lacking a suitable person the position stands as before.

In all, not as interesting a meeting as one might have hoped.