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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 10 July 28, 1943

[Letter from S.N.T. to Salient Vol. 6, No. 10 July 28, 1943]

Dear Sir,

—In your last issue B19 besought the students of V.U.C. to "tear down their red flags." He is disquieted, he says, by the political views of 'Salient's' contributors, and—"Nazism was reared within the walls of German Universities."

Let us reassure "B19" that any red flags he may have seen signify our eternal anti-Nazism. As a "frequent reader of 'Salient'" he should be aware that rather than attempting to disturb the internal peace of the country, the majority of contributors to this paper have been doing their utmost to rally all V.U.C. students behind the war effort of a united New Zealand.

"B19" should read more of student activities throughout the world and his bogey will vanish. The stand made against Nazism by the Czechoslovak, Dutch, and students of all occupied Europe should convince him—the Germans have always realised the necessity of shooting or putting in concentration camps large numbers of students. He should remember, too, the Chinese students.

In his intention to express his hatred of Nazism, however, and his desire to have internal peace in this country so that the war may be brought to a successful conclusion, "B19" is working with us. Should we not salute him as an ally?

—I am, Sir,


Editor's Note.—M.: Regret cannot print anonymous letter on infantile level of slogan "Help Hitler to Hell." Inventor, ex-welter weight champ, V.U.C, would be interested to make your further acquaintance.