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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 10 July 28, 1943


page 4


With the winter sports season more than half over it is pleasing to note the prominent positions most Varsity teams occupy in their grade championships. The most successful are the Table Tennis and Men's Hockey Clubs, both of which have excellent chances of carrying off two championships; but also the senior football team is well placed in the Hardham Cup competition and the Women's Hockey Club senior team, too, has been doing very well. The Basketball Club, though dogged by persistent misfortune, has the consolation of getting five players into the Wellington senior representative teams.

In about two weeks' time Training College will be having their annual tournament with Auckland T.C. at Wellington. It is mainly, but not solely, a sports tournament with the chief interest being in the rugby game. Wellington has a fast, clever team, especially in the backs, though there is a pronounced defensive weakness at first five-eighth. The chief weaknesses, however, are the lack of sting in the forwards, and more particularly the amazing and almost groundless conceit of many of the players, a serious fault, for it prevents them learning from their mistakes. The Basketball and Men's Hockey Clubs have slipped from their former high estate, but hope to be strengthened considerably for the tournament.


Two Championships in Sight

Last Saturday the Men's Hockey Club was very successful, winning two games and making a draw of the third. The first eleven defeated Wellington College 3-2 in a very hard-fought game. Ivor Ting was again the strength of the forward line, though the College boys kept him well marked. George Rae at left-inside played a fine game besides scoring one goal. The others came from John Nichols at vight-in-side. The Wellington College forwards kept the Varsity backs on their toes the whole game and Ken Kiddle and Roy Thornton were at times very hard pressed. The halves have been re-arranged with Graham Speight centre-half, Trigger Gunn right-half, and Jack Barr, who has been playing consistently good hockey, at left-half. The first eleven has been beaten only once this season and has an excellent chance of winning the senior competition.

The second eleven had a hard-fought match with Training College and emerged victors by 2-1. Both goals were scored by Norm. Towns, who is a very handy player in the circle. Roy Drmond at centre-forward was rather alow on his feet and lost one or two good opportunities. Gib. Bogle, who played a good game, 1B improving vapidly, though he has still a lot to master in the difficult position of left wing. The halves played their best game yet, and Bill Oaten captained the team well besides playing a fine game himself, though he Is still too Blow in taking the free hits, a fault from which Graham Mills also suffers.

The thirds drew l-all with Technical College, MacAlcock saving the day for them by netting from a penalty corner. This ream has become rather overconfident "and If they are not careful will spoil their chance of winning the championship of the third grade. At present they are sharing the lead with one other team.

Women's Hockey

Senior A.—Yea, V.U.C. now has a senior A hockey team and we hope she will be proud of it. At the end of the first round of matches the teams were regarded; we were privileged in being placed alongside teams such as C.O.G. and Hutt United In the senior A grade. So far we have not proved our worth. In the match against St. Joseph's we lost 2-1, and against P.T.O.G. last Saturday 4-1, Perhaps the score, particularly in the latter game, was not a very true indication of the standard of play, but until our forwards can learn to smack that ball about when they get in the circle we can never hope to beat these stronger teams. However, the team deserves some praise for its promotion and for the vast improvement it is showing In its game.

Junior.—Well, and would you believe it!! The team has been doing exceptionally well considering the limited experience of most of its members. Last week they again accomplished the unexpected by cleaning up Atheltic, the top team of the grade, by 4-1, having already beaten them by 1-0 in the first round. This puts V.U.C. very near the top of the ladder. Good work, juniors, but keep it up.

Intermediate.—And here lies the weak spot in the club—not weak because of any of its members, but weak because it hasn't enough members. We want more players. It seems such a waste of the enthusiasm and talent shown by some of our beginners to have to play the team short one week and even worse, scratch it the next. The club has invested in a new stick for the use of anyone unable to procure her own, so don't make this an excuse.

Make friends, keep fit, and have fun. Play Hockey.


V.U.C.-T.C—During the first half of the early game play was fast and even, though the scoring on both sides was slow. T.C. played one short in the defence third and this should have been an advantage to Victoria's goal third, but at half-time the score was eight all. During the second spell T.C. scored quickly and finally won by 17-14. In the second match against T.C. both teams were one short. With Thea Muir and Peggy Huse moved from the centre and Mira Parsons from defence to goal third, Victoria put up a good fight against T.C. and the final score, 25-11, was not a true indication of the play.

Last Saturday Victoria met Wellington's leading team, Kia Ora, and as is usual were unable to field their full team, Gwen Chamberlain replacing Margaret Beattie, who is recovering from an injury received in the previous Saturday's early match. In the first half Kia Ora's forwards were outstanding and rapidly gained a lead of 18-6 when half-time was called. A rearrangement of Victoria's team in the second half strengthened it considerably and Kia Ora were held to a four-goal lead for the half, the final score being 30-14. Joyce Strange and Mira Parsons played outstanding games In changed positions and together with Thea Muir and Margaret Beattie were included in the Wellington Senior A representative team.

The B team continues to have a run of bad luck each Saturday seeing changes in the personnel of the team. Norma Henderson fully deserves her inclusion in the Wellington Senior B rep, team, her play during the year being of a uniformly high standard.

Shirley Ackroyd of the Training College team has also been selected for the Wellington Senior A reps.

'Who would Fardels bear?'

A goodly representation of the stalwarts of the tramping club started off for Tawhai on Saturday afternoon. En route a demonstration of the productivity of the Eastbourne dump was seen in the loads carried by various members. One steel tank, capacity fifteen gallons, three sheets of corrugated iron and incidental spouting for a proposed water service were added to a quantity of sacking for repair of bunks and made a very good basis for the working party.

The tank, weighing approximately 70 lbs., was carried over by two persons who wish to remain anonymous lest they be certified insane.

Sunday saw the work will in swing. A general clean up about the hut, the fireplace repaired, one brand new bunk and a Heath-Robinson Nightmare in the form of a water service stand testimony to the working power of the trampers even in Tawhaf.

No doubt the inspiration for greater effort came from two stalwarts of earlier days, Marie Collin and Arthur Oliver, whose bright company and reminiscences were much appreciated.

Amor Omnia Vinicit!

The course at Silverstream was comparatively dry for the 6¼ mile club championship race last Saturday. Dick Daniell led the field away from St. Pat.'s College grounds, closely followed by de la Mare, McDowell, Scott and Rowberry, For the first mile there was considerable competition for the lead until Giff. Rowberry drew away from the others and settled down well in front. He gradually increased his lead for the remainder of the race to win by about 600 yards. The battle for second place was far more even. Both Peter de la Mare and Dicky Daniell made a strong bid but were narrowly beaten by Ian McDowell. Dick was unlucky in having a bad fall at one of the last fences which spoilt his chance.

Placings were: I, Rowberry, 38 m. 8 sec; 2, McDowell, 39 m. 24 sec.; 3, de la Mare, 39 m. 25 see.; 4, Daniell, 39 m. 34 sec. The sealed handicap was won by Browning off 7 minutes, with Sutherland (6½ minutes) second.

The club championship is decided by placing in this and two other races, i.e., the Sherwood Cup and the Endeavour Cup. McDowell is now one point ahead of Rowberry and two points ahead of de la Mare. They are all close enough together for a win in the Endeavour Cup race to make any one of the three club champion for 1943.