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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 10 July 28, 1943

You and the Patriotic Funds — Student-Work Day

You and the Patriotic Funds

Student-Work Day

£100,000. That is Wellington's quota for the Patriotic Fund. Of it there has been so far collected precisely half. As overseas reports tell us of the intense appreciation for recreation huts, parcels and Patriotic Fund amenities, we realise just how vital it is that the quota be fulfilled.

Wellington's big campaign has just been launched. Victoria must be in it! Every week the Stud. Ass. gets letters from our own boys emphasising the difference it makes to learn that they are remembered back home. Of course they are remembered. But memory must bring with it, not words, but action. What are we going to do about it? Just this—

We're going to have another student work day, on the same lines as the last one. It's going to be the biggest canvassing—it is simply to work.

This is what we are doing. We're broadcasting and advertising in the show Victoria has ever put on. The date is Saturday week, August 7th.

"I tu? que has fet per la victoria?"

"I tu? que has fet per la victoria?"

(Spanish War Poster.)

And you—what have you Done for Victory—This Spanish Civil War Poster applies today—What is your Answer?

What you have to do. We want willing and enthusiastic students, men and women, who can paint, chop wood, dig, wash dishes, sew, cook, cut hedges, mow lawns and do every job about a house that can't be done when husbands, brothers, and sons are overseas, and when so many women fire without help.

There is a job for every one of V.U.C.'s 960 students and for Training Coll.'s 400. We do not ask you to cadge. What we ask you is small compared with the task of house-to-house papers for people who have jobs to be done. A list of these will be made up and posted on the notice boards. It's up to you to say what kind of a job you want and we'll book it for you. There will be jobs for individuals, jobs for mates, and jobs for teams.

You will turn up on the seventh, work your day or half-day, collect ten bob or more, depending on the time worked, and hand it in at the Exec. room in return for official Patriotic Board receipts.

All enquiries may be made the table in the main hall from tomorrow on.