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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 9 July 14, 1943

New Exec Meet

New Exec Meet

As important occasion and one which merits more space than we have available. However, to make a short story shorter . . .

The I.S.S., as you all know, is an international organisation for the collection of books and funds for refugees or prisoner of war students in all countries. The New Zealand end has now been put on a more work-manlike basis by the formation of a permanent committee. Our part in this is to provide three V.U.C. members and a chairman from Exec. (Miss Pam Wilton elected). Three T.C. students are also to be elected.

So much difficulty has been experienced over the proposed "Tunisia" parcels that these have had to be dropped and a permanent committee is to be formed under Miss Durie Maysmore to put some heartfelt endeavour into the Christmas batch. The patriotic packing department have run out of tin and chocolate, and biscuits are unobtainable; the only method will be to buy small quantities right from the jump—the more helpers in this the better—how about giving a hand?

The report of the annual general meeting was deferred, but in order to keep matters moving Mr. Jim Winchester, whose lead and helping hand seems to be strongly missed, has been put in charge of National Savings. The group organisation will be published when complete.

N.Z.U.S.A. Work.

Miss Ann Eichelbaum next reported on the N.Z.U.S.A. Exec. meeting.

As the Student Congress is being pushed by Victoria, we are to set up the necessary machinery. The date is to be Easter, 1944, and there is no end of spade work to be put in. Here's hoping that the committee—Mrs. Mary Boyd, Mr. Morrie Boyd, and Mr. Jim Winchester—get adequate support.

The Long Vacation Committee of N.Z.U.S.A. find it a sticky problem to draft a scheme Applicable to all colleges, and therefore ask individual Execs. to prepare reports (such things as workshop practice, clinical years, part-time jobs, etc., confuse the issue) on the vacation activities of their colleges and to suggest more profitable jobs. For science students at least, V.U.C.'s recommendation will probably be for a straight-out fourth term. The responsibility for preparing this report is again Mr. J. Winchester's.

Sub-committee appointments and co-optings were the next item (see page 4 and N.B.).

New Moves.

The president was worried at a rumour that the new Exec. was anti-Training college and immediately proved any such rumour groundless by asking that T.C. Exec. be requested to select a liaison officer to attend V.U.C. Exec. meetings—an excellent move which, we hope, will lead to even closer co-operation between T.C. and Varsity and eventually to affiliation.

Another fine thing is the creation of a cyclostyled news bulletin for the information and enjoyment (we hope) of V.U.C. students overseas.

Varsity news written for those who haven't seen the place for quite a few years. Mr. Jim Winchester, Mr. Kemp Fowler, and a Weir boy will be running it.

Altogether a fairly efficient Exec. meeting one which may lead to a lively series.