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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 7. June 9, 1943

Exec. to Wrestle Board Worry — Will also Move for Patriotic Fonds

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Exec. to Wrestle Board Worry

Will also Move for Patriotic Fonds

Accommodation for women students, more parcels for overseas, students' work day, army education, library hours. The last Stud. Ass. Exec. agenda was a heavy one.

Mrs. Boyd brought up the position of the women students looking for board pointing out how bad the position now was. The wives of Staff Committee were deeply concerned in the matter. They wished to meet representatives of the Exec. Mrs. Boyd, Janet Grant, and Janet Bogle were appointed to see what could be done from our end.

The Exec. approved the suggestion for an extra parcel this year for the students overseas, to commemorate the fine job of work just finished in Africa. As Mr. Winchester brought it up he was asked to take the responsibility.

Finance Buoyant.

Treasurer Starke reported on our financial position. With an approximate cash balance of £1,250 we're doing very well, it seems; though, of course, no provision has yet been made for meeting this year's club grants.

The Capping Revue showed a net profit of £28/10/0. This is to be added to £11/7/0 already in the parcels fund. Undergraduates' Supper resulted in a loss of approximately £16/10/0, which, considering the number of complimentary tickets and the very high standard of catering and decorations which Miss Wilton and her assistants provided, was very good. Capping Ball resulted in a net loss of £19/10/0. Considering the high cost of the Cabaret (£150) and that complimentary tickets for 210 (including lecturers) were issued instead of the budgeted 120, the loss is nothing to worry about. Tea dances have accumulated profits totaling £7/2/0.

Another Work Day?

A students' work day on the lines of the most successful I.S.S. Day was suggested as a means of raising a 1943 contribution to the Patriotic Fund. No interruption to studies was entailed, sports clubs could perhaps arrange a bye, and it could be worked in conjunction with Training College. Wives, sisters, mothers of men in the forces had work that really needed doing, and we were in a position to help them.

Library Hours Crazy.

Library hours are worrying Exec, members. Why should the library be closed every vacation? This is not the case at other Colleges. Nor does the public library need to exclude the public for more than a quarter of the year. Particularly annoying too, just at the moment when it is so necessary that science students shouldn't waste a minute. Should they have to swot during the vacation in stuffy, noisy lodgings? Surely it is humiliating that fifty odd V.U.C. chaps should be found crowding the Public Library Reference Room, denied access for a fortnight to their own more comprehensive and useful collections.

There may be a reason for all this. The President has been directed to look into it.

Dave Cohen's and Peter Naylor's appointments to the Men's Common Room Committee were approved.

Long before Army Education was launched the Exec. was pushing for it The Question now arises as to whether the Exec. can't do more to help soldier students than it has done. A representative of the A.E.W.S. is to be invited to address the Exec.'s next meeting.

Finally, the Exec. fixed the date of the Annual General Meeting. This is to be held in the Gymnasium at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 30. The elections for the Students' Association Executive will be held on June 24, 25, and 28.