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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 6, No. 6. May 26, 1943

That Exec. Agenda

page 2

That Exec. Agenda

"When is the Exec. going to put the war on the Agenda?" The Exec. has got to find an answer to this question, which Dave Cohen put at the Undergraduates' Supper.

Now our Exec. is a good Exec. It is an Exec. which does a good job of administration, a better job thanks done by any of the other Colleges. But in these times the tasks that face us demand something more than routine.

The Exec. has to ask itself how it is measuring up to its responsibilities to the students and to the community in the light of the people's struggle.

What are we doing about Patriotic Funds, for example? So far, nothing. Why does not the Exec. take the lead in having another Students' Work Day? Look how much was raised for the I.S.S. Many hundreds more could be raised for the sick and wounded appeal.

This is an honest, a decent way of raising money. Not only are we helping the boys overseas, we are also helping the wives and mothers they left behind them. We are also helping to earn for Victoria that sort of reputation we all want it to have.

Board is a real problem in Wellington now. Students suffer the most perhaps. They certainly can afford to pay least. What has the Exec. done about it? Has it ever even thought about it? Yet a matter like this should be on every agenda until there is no need for it to be on an agenda; until it is settled.

Why not explore the question of renting a few houses and letting rooms to students?

Again, we send a parcel to every student overseas at Christmas. Is this really enough? What a splendid gesture it would be if we sent the an extra one this year—a "Tunisia Parcel," a tribute to the magnificent job they have done!

These are just one or two of the many things that the Exec. could and should be working on.